Interactions between Aquaculture and the Environment: Guide for the Sustainable Development of Mediterranean Aquaculture

IUCN; IUCN, Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation; Federation of European Aquaculture Producers; Spain, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Aquaculture currently faces a significant challenge: how to fulfill the expectation of alleviating the pressure that fishing fleets exercise on fish populations without leading to environmental problems.

Interactions between aquaculture and the environment : guide for the sustainable development of Mediterranean aquaculture 1 Photo: IUCN

 It is particularly expected to develop widely in the near future in the Mediterranean’s European, Southern and Eastern countries. In order to avoid potential environmental disruption issues, it is important that the aquaculture industry be provided with clear and user friendly guidelines to ensure its sustainable development. The objective of these guidelines is to propose recommendations for responsible and sustainable aquaculture, giving support to decision makers, aquaculture producers and stakeholders in the Mediterranean region.

Gland : IUCN, 2007. vi, 110p. : ill.
ISBN 978-84-491-0767-2
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