Livelihoods & Landscapes Strategy (LLS) Asia Regional Meeting

From non-timber forest products (NTFPs) enterprise development, to mangrove restoration, to community mapping, to ecotourism, to multistakeholder policy dialogues, IUCN’s Livelihoods & Landscapes Strategy (LLS) is hard at work in Asia supporting communities to link biodiversity conservation with benefits using a landscape approach. From August 26-28, 2008, Andrew Ingles, LLS Coordinator for the Asia Region, hosted LLS project staff from across the region along with several members of the LLS’s global team at Bangkok’s Ariston Hotel.


LLS Meeting Ariston, Bangkok, Thailand Photo: LLS Asia Meeting

LLS project managers from 7 Asian countries met in Bangkok this week to share and reflect on experiences with one another and members of the global LLS team, assess and develop capacity in key areas and plan for the next 2-year LLS implementation period.

The meeting was an important opportunity for LLS staff working in the different project sites to share achievements and lessons to date and identify common areas of interest and next steps for future collaborations. In a session led by Ms Kristy Faccer of IUCN’s Markets & Incentives team, participants had the opportunity to learn more about marketing & incentives to support the successful development of sustainable livelihood alternatives and identify related capacity needs. To support knowledge management and learning, a fundamental component of the LLS, Mr Jamie Gordon explored with participants how learning can be used to adapt activities and how to reach key audiences and achieve desired added-value through improved information management and communications. Frameworks for Monitoring & Evaluation were also shared and discussed.

In the build-up to the drafting of new 2-year workplans this September, the meeting was a beneficial forum comprising of key resource people. Over the 3 days, LLS project managers were able to exchange ideas about how work toward the LLS strategic outcomes can be enhanced and accelerated and identify the key additional elements needed to achieve conservation and livelihood improvement goals in the coming two years.

The LLS is a global IUCN programme currently being implemented in 25 countries worldwide. 7 of these are in Asia and include Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam. In all countries, LLS activities are linked by a common vision of effective implementation of national and local policies and programmes that leverage real and meaningful change in the lives of the rural poor, enhance long term and equitable conservation of biodiversity and ensure the sustainable supply of forest related goods and services in line with nationally defined priorities.

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