IUCN Pan-European Newsletter 17: A diverse and sustainable Europe

This special issue of the IUCN Pan-European Newsletter for the World Conservation Congress focusses on "A diverse and sustainable Europe", with statements from the European Commission, the French EU Presidency, regional perspectives from the Mediterranean, Central Asia and the EU Overseas Territories. IUCN Members showcase their work on wild cats, ecotourism, oceanography and business engagement.

IUCN Pan-European Newsletter 17: A diverse and sustainable Europe Photo: IUCN


  • Editorial (Tamás Marghescu, IUCN Regional Director for Europe)
  • Welcome to the IUCN World Conservation Congress! (Jean-Louis Borloo, French Minister of Ecology and Sustainable Development)
  • A new climate for change (Stavros Dimas, European Commissioner for the Environment)
  • Healthy environments – healthy people: Broadening our vision to
    face future challenges (Jacqueline McGlade, European Environmental Agency)
  • Water and climate change in the Mediterranean (Margarita Astralaga, IUCN)
  • Environmental challenges in Central Asia (Roman Jashenko, Tethys Scientific Society, Kazakhstan)
  • EU overseas entities: key players on climate change and biodiversity issues (Jean-Philippe Palasi, IUCN)
  • Germany to expand wildcat habitat (Mark Hörstermann, BUND/Friends of the Earth Germany)
  • Shared steps towards a sustainable environment: Corporate partnerships in Europe (Kay O’Regan, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Earthwatch Institute)
  • Monaco: a centre for oceanography (Michel Boisson, Secretary General, Monaco Scientific Center)
  • New strategies for the development of ecotourism in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (John Samad Smaranda, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Romania)
  • IUCN must return powers to its membership (Interview with Alistair Gammell, RSPB)
  • Faces for IUCN’s future
  • Your guide to the IUCN World Conservation Congress
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