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Gokyo and its associated lakes with Nogjumba glacier in Everest Region Photo: © IUCN Nepal/Amit Poudyal

Countries of the Region

China, Japan, Korea DPR, Korea Republic, Macau, Mongolia

Goals of WCPA-East Asia 2013-2016

The 1st goal of WCPA-Asia (not just East Asia) in 2013 is to successfully hold the 1st Asia Parks Congress (APC). WCPA committee members including myself, as chair of APC’s steering committee, and Japanese Ministry of Environment have been working hard for all Asian countries to actively engage in the Congress. I believe the Congress has a huge potential to catalyze all Asian countries/regions to improve their Protected Areas. We are also attempting to develop an Asian Protected Area Charter, which shall serve as a philosophical foundation for PAs management in Asia during the Congress.

The 2nd goal of WCPA-Asia (again, not just East Asia) is to strengthen partnership on PAs management among relevant government officials, researchers, NGO/NPO in all countries/regions in Asia. Such attempt has been reiterated by our predecessors. Accomplishing this goal, however, is still a long way to go, as Asia is so vast and diversified in many ways. Some developing countries in Asia might not be ready to allocate various resources for improving PAs management in their countries due to existence of other higher priorities, such as, eradicating fatal infectious disease, providing safe drinking water/sewage system, establishing adequate educational/social welfare system, etc. It is important to share among all Asian countries the fundamental notion that maintaining and improving PAs is vital to sustaining livelihood of people. Robust partnership among Asian countries facilitates us to share knowledge and experience on PAs management. In addition, above-mentioned goal is also in conjunction with the attempt to achieve the Aichi Target.

There are also other important objectives such as increasing WCPA membership and promoting a series of capacity building for government officials, site managers and NGOs/NPOs. We will also tackle these goals and challenges vigorously. Finally, we are thrilled to work together with all Asian countries for making substantial progress on PAs management from now on! 

Yoshitaka Kumagai, WCPA Regional Vice Chair for East Asia


WCPA Regional Vice-Chair East Asia

Yoshitaka Yumagai


Work area: 
Protected Areas
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