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CEC National Activators

Jordan – Mervat Batarseh, mervtbat@rscn.org.jo
Pakistan — Attia Ayub Qutub, attia.qutub@gmail.com   

Satellite image of Risalpur, Pakistan, after floods, 5 August 2010

View from Pakistan by CEC Regional Vice-Chair 2009-2012

“The enormity of the disaster which affects millions of people should be a test even for well-established governance and disaster management systems,” writes Javed Jabbar, IUCN CEC Regional Vice-Chair for West Asia and the Middle East.

A note from the Vice-Chair 2009 - 2012

As Regional Vice Chair for West Asia, my work in the new few months of 2010 will be to:

  1.  Complete the process of consulting with all Pakistan-based CEC members on the way forward, a process initiated only partially in 2009 but expanded to cover all Islamabad-based members on 3rd April 2010;
  2. Initiate and complete the process of consulting with all other CEC members in West Asia, including briefing them on the conclusions at the CEC Steering Committee Meeting in Aviemore;
  3. Identify National Activators and obtain the Chair's approval/appointment of the same;
  4. Set targets for modest, relevant expansion of CEC membership in the region;
  5. Encourage members to determine their respective inputs for both pre-Congress 2010 processes and Congress 2010 events;
  6. Request/hope for, each National Activator to formulate broad action plans for next 24 months;
  7. Seek funding support for West Asian CEC work, while attempting to dove-tail CEC meetings/work with a planned Regional Conservation Forum set for Kuwait late 2010.


Hoper Glacier, flowing out of the Central Karakoram National Park is one of a number of high mountain glacial systems which are crucial to the water needs of communities living in the valleys around the park.  .  The management plan for this park needs to consider actions to secure sustainable valley irrigation and domestic water supply in the face of global climate change.
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