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Training Course in Stakeholder Participation

This 3-day training course is run by CEC member Diana Pound of Dialogue Matters. The aim is to help participants to develop good practice skills in stakeholder participation with a focus on the better management of the natural environment. This course is offered 17-19 November. Similar events take place throughout the year. …  

25 Aug 2009 | News story

Camels transport Buddhist relics long-buried in Mongolia's Gobi Desert

Buried Treasure in Mongolia: Photos by CEC Member

CEC member Haroldo Castro documented the unearthing of long-buried sacred crates containing Buddhist treasures. View his photos from Mongolia on BBC News and read more in his blog Viajologia, where he incorporates observations about the environment with entertaining travel stories (in Portuguese). …  

25 Aug 2009 | News story
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Fishing on Lake Kosi in St Lucia, South Africa

New African Award for Sanitation and Hygiene Achievements

The African Ministers' Council on Water AMCOW) announces the first-ever AfricaSan Awards competition, recognizing sanitation and hygiene achievements in Africa. This invitation to apply by October 9 was sent to the attention of IUCN CEC by Tatiana Fedotova of the Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC).

25 Aug 2009 | News story

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CEC Oceania Vice-Chair Gives Seminar on ESD

Professor Konai Thaman, Regional Vice Chair for the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication, presented a seminar at the University of the South Pacific. Her topic was “Bonn and Beyond: Re-orienting teaching and learning towards Sustainable Development”.   …  

25 Aug 2009 | News story

Wild Talk

August Edition of Wild Talk

Biofuel, palm oil, REDD and six young gorillas are the topics covered in the audio-only interviews on Wild Talk. …  

25 Aug 2009 | News story

Hoper Glacier, flowing out of the Central Karakoram National Park is one of a number of high mountain glacial systems which are crucial to the water needs of communities living in the valleys around the park.  .  The management plan for this park needs to consider actions to secure sustainable valley irrigation and domestic water supply in the face of global climate change.

Psychology and Global Climate Change: Draft Report

Addressing climate change is arguably one of the most pressing issues facing our planet and its inhabitants. The American Psychological Association (APA) task force report describes the contributions of psychological research to an understanding of psychological dimensions of global climate change, provides research recommendations, and proposes policies for APA to assist psychologists’ engagement with this issue. …  

25 Aug 2009 | News story
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Le Comité français de l'UICN a réuni sa Commission Education et Communication

La Présidente de la CEC du Comité français de l'UICN, Cécile Ostria (par ailleurs directrice de la Fondation Nicolas Hulot) et Florence Clap (Chargée de programmes sur les Politiques de la biodiversité à l’UICN France) ont réuni les membres français de l’UICN France ainsi que les experts en communication, éducation et sensibilisation sur la biodiversité du réseau français pour coordonner les activités de l’année 2010 dans le cadre de l’Année Internationale de la Biodiversité.

25 Aug 2009 | News story

WiLD SPEAK is a conservation communications symposium at the World Wilderness Congress

Announcing WiLD SPEAK: Symposium on Conservation Communications

Join the world’s leading conservation photographers, filmmakers, journalists and scientists for four days of discussion, insight and inspiration. The WiLD SPEAK symposium will be held during the World Wilderness Congress November 6-13 in Mexico. IUCN CEC Assistant Deputy Chair Cristina Mittermeier is an organizer.

20 Aug 2009 | News story
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French and Spanish CEPA Toolkit Now Available

Professionals carrying out the Convention on Biological Diversity at the national level use the fact sheets, checklists and examples in the CEPA Toolkit to update their knowledge and skills. The toolkit is now available in Spanish, “La Comunicación, Educación, y Conciencia Pública” and in French “Communication, éducation et sensibilisation du public.” CEPA is about motivating and mobilizing people to change behaviour and take action. Tools and methods include information exchange, dialogue, education and social marketing. 

09 Aug 2009 | News story

Members of IUCN CEC contributed to the book 'Young people, education, and sustainable development'

CEC Contributes to Book on Youth and Sustainability

Over a dozen members of IUCN CEC contributed to the new book Young people, education, and sustainable development: Exploring principles, perspectives, and praxis. The book offers a global perspective on education initiatives by and for young people that promote a transition to sustainability. It includes 38 essays co-authored by 68 contributors from 25 nations.

09 Aug 2009 | News story

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