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IUCN CEC is a network driving change for sustainability. More than 1,000 members volunteer their professional expertise in learning, knowledge management and strategic communication to achieve IUCN goals.

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CEC works closely with the Capacity Development Unit within the Programme and Policy Group. 



Keith Wheeler, Chair of IUCN's Commission on Education and Communication

Chair's Corner for October CEC Newsletter

Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair, presents news from Nagoya and fresh CEC resources including a video, two brochures and accounts on Facebook and Twitter. …  

26 Oct 2010 | News story

Wood extraction

Conservation Education for Youth in Sarawak

An outreach event for youth at a Salvation Army Home in Malaysia combined talks, fun and games with a focus on wildlife, forests and conservation. CEC member Cynthia Chin conducted the event with John Mathai and Joshua Pandong of the Wildlife Conservation Society Malaysia Program. …  

26 Oct 2010 | News story

Thacher Environmental Research Contest is named for Peter Shaw Thacher, 1926-1999. Peter Thacher served on IGES' Board of Directors. He was also Chairman of the Earth Council Foundation-US. Since retiring from the United Nations in 1983 at the rank of Assistant Secretary-General, Mr. Thacher was principally associated with the World Resources Institute, and was senior advisor to Maurice Strong, the Secretary-General of the UN Conference on Environment and Development--the June 1992 Earth Summit in Rio.

2011 Thacher Environmental Research Contest for Grades 9-12

The contest challenges high school students to conduct innovative research on our changing planet using the latest geospatial tools and data. From CEC Specialty Group Leader Nancy Colleton of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies.

26 Oct 2010 | News story

CEPA toolkit front cover - CEC

CEPA Toolkit Survey Results

Frits Hesselink, CEC Special Advisor, provides this summary report based on 144 responses to a June-August 2010 survey of CBD focal points and CEC members about their experiences when using the CEPA Toolkit and their recommendations for future use.   …  

26 Oct 2010 | News story

Juliane Zeidler, IUCN CEC Chair

CEC Survey on Web Communication in Eastern and Southern Africa

CEC Regional Vice-Chair Juliane Zeidler recently conducted a survey of CEC members in Eastern and Southern Africa to explore communication options and limits, especially for Web-based networking.

26 Oct 2010 | News story

Milk is offered to Shivling (Lord Shiva). It is a challenge to make rituals and festivals rich in traditional ecological knowledge relevant to urban youth.

Passing Traditional Knowledge to Youth - A New Mythology

In globalizing India, the traditional knowledge-practice-belief complex passed through generations is challenged by the younger generation. CEC member Andrea Deri and Rushikesh Chavan ask, "Can Western scientific knowledge provide a new belief system and motivate decisions?" …  

26 Oct 2010 | News story

David Without Borders (David Sans Frontiers) is a multi-media quest to discover initiatives that preserve biodiversity

Découvrez le 3ème épisode vidéo : le savoir Inca réincarné

Découvrez le 3ème épisode vidéo ! Pommes de terre génétiquement protégées : le savoir Inca réincarné. Par les aventuriers David Aimé et David Fabrega. …  

26 Oct 2010 | News story

CEC member Joe Russo in Fast Company magazine

CEC Member in Fast Company Magazine

Joe Russo, CEC member and President of ZedX in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA, was featured in the magazine Fast Company last month. Using GPS–enabled yield monitors, Russo creates programs that help farmers better manage their water use. …  

25 Oct 2010 | News story

CEC members David Ainsworth and Florence Clap during the CEC side event at the CBD COP10 CEPA Fair

Photo Slideshow of CEC Side Event in Nagoya

A slideshow with music, captions and comments was produced by CEC members Yvonne Otieno and Tania Moreno as their report on CEC's side event "Communicating Biodiversity". …  

25 Oct 2010 | News story

Communicating Biodiversity: Bringing Science to Life through Communication, Education and Public Awareness

New CEPA brochure: "Communicating Biodiversity"

CEPA has the potential to unlock global action on biodiversity conservation. This brochure explains why CEPA is a priority for the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication. …  

25 Oct 2010 | News story

Juliane Zeidler, CEC Chair
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