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A Fern in Tanzania

CEC Member Reports from Mozambique

CEC member Tomas Muacanhia of Mozambique shares a summary of activities carried out in 2010. The aim was to empower local communities in the sustainable use of natural resources. …  

24 Oct 2010 | News story

"Love, Not Loss" is a video about communicating biodiversity

New biodiversity video asks, "Are we failing to communicate?"

This video presents a new biodiversity message. It challenges communicators to talk about nature in terms that people want to listen to. The IUCN Commission on Education and Communication and the CBD Secretariat produced the video in partnership with CEC members in Wildscreen and Futerra. …  

22 Oct 2010 | News story

CEC member Laurie Bennett of Futerra Sutainability Communications

CEPA and Biodiversity: CEC Member Interviewed on Green TV Japan

CEC member Laurie Bennett talks about CEPA and biodiversity in this interview from the CBD COP10 in Nagoya. …  

21 Oct 2010 | News story

Keith Wheeler, Chair of IUCN's Commission on Education and Communication

Daily Diary from Nagoya by Keith Wheeler

Wow, my jet lag is waning, and I managed to actually sleep at night. Today, I wandered through a series of side events listening to message after message of loss, unmet commitment and at the same time a hope for a process unfolding that will save our planet's biodiversity, writes Keith Wheeler, Chair of IUCN's Commission on Education and Communication. …  

20 Oct 2010 | News story

Branding Biodiversity

Communicating Biodiversity: Report on CEC Side Event

Today IUCN’s Commission on Education and Communication held a side event entitled ‘Bringing Science to Life’. The event was designed to challenge ‘traditional’ ways of communicating biodiversity messages. CEC member Laurie Bennett of Futerra Communications reports from Nagoya. …  

20 Oct 2010 | News story

IUCN Science and Learning Officer and CEC Focal Point

CEC News from Nagoya: View the Video!

Rod Abson, CEC Focal Point, reports that more than 100 people attended the CEC Side Event. An article and video from Laurie Bennett capture the content. Read the latest Daily Diary by Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair. …  

20 Oct 2010 | News story
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Join this roster for building bridges between journalists and the sources of information they need to tell the story of biodiversity

Join the Biodiversity Media Alliance

Calling for greater support for media coverage of biodiversity issues, IUCN, IIED and Internews are officially launching the Biodiversity Media Alliance. A press conference will be held 27 October during COP10 in Nagoya. From CEC member Mike Shanahan. …  

14 Oct 2010 | News story

Young participants at one of nine workshops for climate change leaders run by LEAD International for the British Council Climate Change Programme

Designing Workshops for Young Climate Leaders

The British Council Climate Change Programme attracts the “YouTube Generation” and nothing less than innovative, learner-centred workshops will do. CEC member Edward Kellow from LEAD International describes the LEAD approach in running a series of workshops for young climate leaders aged 18-32. …  

14 Oct 2010 | News story

Douglas F. Williamson, CEC member

Lessons Learned from Workshops on Water and Journalism

CEC member Douglas F. Williamson wrote a publication expanding on themes of water and journalism, drawing from the United Nations Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development’s workshops in Tehran, Iran, Cairo, Egypt, and Montevideo, Uruguay. …  

14 Oct 2010 | News story

Mobilisez-vous et devenez un relais de la campagne  « La biodiversité c’est ma nature »

Biodiversity Is My Nature - A French Campaign

Make your own biodiversity portait! You are invited to launch this campaign for biodiversity awareness in your own country. CEC member Florence Clap shares details in English, French and Spanish about this initiative of the French Committee for IUCN. …  

14 Oct 2010 | News story

Nancy Colleton, IUCN CEC Acting Chair
  • Nancy Colleton, IUCN CEC Acting Chair

    Nancy Colleton, IUCN CEC Acting Chair

    Photo: CEC

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