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Mobilisez-vous et devenez un relais de la campagne  « La biodiversité c’est ma nature »

La Biodiversité c'est ma nature

A l’occasion de l’année internationale de la biodiversité, rejoignez tous ceux qui souhaitent que la prise en compte de la biodiversité devienne une grande cause partagée : mobilisez-vous et devenez un relais de la campagne « La biodiversité c’est ma nature » …  

29 Jun 2010 | News story

Bengal Tiger being Released into the wild from a boat in the Sundarbans

CEPA Workshop: Community Education for Tiger Conservation in Bangladesh

Frits Hesselink, CEC Special Advisor, shares this report on a CEPA workshop organized by the Sundarbans Tiger Project in Bangladesh. CEC member Iqbal Hussain adds a follow-up report. …  

29 Jun 2010 | News story

Facing a Changing World: Women, Population and Climate, the UNFPA report State of World Population 2009

Women, Population and Climate

How do population dynamics affect greenhouse gases and climate change? Will urbanization and an ageing population help or hinder efforts to adapt to a warming world? And could better reproductive health care and improved relations between women and men make a difference in the fight against climate change? CEC member Susan Guthridge-Gould recommends this UNFPA report. …  

21 Jun 2010 | News story

Learning and Leadership

CEC Represented at Social Business Summit

Gillian Martin Mehers offers these reflections on the recent Social Business Summit in London. Gillian, CEC Specialty Group Leader, Learning and Leadership, represented CEC at the event about social media. …  

21 Jun 2010 | News story

IUCN CEC Specialty Group Leader for Environmental Information

Understanding the Changing Planet

Biodiversity and climate change feature in a recently-released report that offers 11 strategic directions for leveraging new technologies to harness the potential of geographical sciences. CEC member Nancy Colleton was a member of the National Academy of Science committee that produced the report. …  

21 Jun 2010 | News story

Britain’s most ambitious conservation visual media initiative ... ever!

2020 VISION - For a wilder Britain

Skip this story and go straight to great photos on the 2020 VISION website.  This media collaboration combines the power of visual imagery with science and conservation knowlege. CEC members learned about the project through the IUCN UK Committee, which is a partner in 2020 VISION.  …  

20 Jun 2010 | News story

Jeune fille

L’éducation à l’environnement fait son entrée officielle dans les écoles de la Guinée Bissau

Petit état côtier d’Afrique de l’Ouest, la Guinée Bissau s’est engagée depuis plusieurs années dans la conservation de sa biodiversité exceptionnelle, la gestion durable de ses ressources naturelles et la valorisation du savoir des communautés locales qui en dépendent. Cette dynamique s’est traduite par la création d’un réseau d’aires protégées représentatives de la diversité des écosystèmes naturels et gérées au bénéfice des populations résidentes. …  

20 Jun 2010 | News story
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IUCN welcomes 38 new Members

On 4 June 2010, the 74th Meeting of the IUCN Council admitted 38 new Members to join IUCN.  | French | Spanish

07 Jun 2010 | News story

Commission logo banded in gold.

CEC Newsletter May 2010

This newsletter reports on the CEC Steering Committee Meeting held 14-16 April 2010 in Aviemore, Scotland. …  

28 May 2010 | News story

A park interpreter shares her knowledge about the Insh Marshes in Scotland

On Knowledge Management and Biodiversity

Knowledge about biodiversity is becoming available very quickly. We need fast, smart systems to collect, store, analyse and communicate that knowledge. Keith Wheeler reflects on the knowledge management discussions at the 2010 CEC Steering Committee Meeting. …  

28 May 2010 | News story

Nancy Colleton, IUCN CEC Acting Chair
  • Nancy Colleton, IUCN CEC Acting Chair

    Nancy Colleton, IUCN CEC Acting Chair

    Photo: CEC

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