Alejandro Nadal (Mexico)

Alejandro Nadal

Co-Chair TEMTI

Alejandro Nadal is a professor at El Colegio de México, where he directs the research Program on Science, Technology and Development (1982-2007). He has a B.A. in Law from the National Autonomous University and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Paris X (Nanterre). He has carried out research on macroeconomics, general equilibrium theory, technical change, nuclear weapons and sustainable resource management. He was responsible for the course on Comparative Economic Theory in the MA and PhD programs at the Center for Economic Studies, El Colegio de México (1982-2006).

Publications include (with Frank Ackerman) The Flawed Foundations of General Equilibrium: Critical Essays in Economic Theory (Routledge 2005); “Stability and Capital Flows in the Open Economy Model”, (in Experiencias de crisis y estrategia de desarrollo: autonomía económica y globalización, edited by A. Nadal and F. Aguayo, El Colegio de México, 2006); “Mexico’s Biosafety Regime: A Critical Analysis”, in Science for Policy: New Challenges, New Opportunities, A. Pereira (editor). Oxford: Oxford University Press (forthcoming); “Globalization and the Environment: Change is Vital”, World Conservation 38 (2); “Coasean Fictions: Law and Economics Revisited”, Seattle Journal of Social Justice, Vol. 5 (2), 2007; “Redesigning the World’s Trading System for Sustainable Development” en Adil Najam, Mark Halle and Ricardo Melendez (Eds.) Trade and Environment: Visions from the South, Palgrave Macmillan (2007).

He was chair of the Collaborative Research Competition of the John D. and Caherine T. MacArthur Foundation (1991-1992), where he was also Distinguished Visiting Scholar in 1994. He is member of the editorial board of World Development, International Environmental Agreements, the International Journal of Technology, Management & Sustainable Development and Global Environmental Politics. He writes a weekly column on economics and sustainability in La Jornada, one of Mexico’s leading national newspapers.