Jennifer Mohamed-Katerere (South Africa and Zimbabwe)

Jennifer Mohamed-Katerere

Co-Chair, Theme on Environment, Conflict and Security (TECS)

Jennifer Clare Mohamed-Katerere is a lawyer working in environmental law, human rights and development as a consultant and independent researcher. Her work focuses on human rights and environmental intersections including the links between environmental policy and law, human security and well-being, and social-ecological resilience. For nearly 20 years, Jennifer has supported rights-focused policy development in diverse natural resource management contexts at community, national and transboundary levels. Jennifer has worked with national governments, NGOs and CBOs, IUCN regional offices and Environmental Law Centre, United Nations organizations, and the private sector. Jennifer is a member of IUCN’s Commission on Environmental Law and of the Commission on Environment, Economic and Social Policy.

Jennifer’s environment-conflict work includes developing governance guidelines to avoid climate change conflict in Africa, evaluating cooperative transboundary environmental approaches, developing rights-based solutions to land conflict in protected areas in Southern Africa, supporting consensual and inclusive forest governance at national and transboundary levels, and strengthening opportunities for recognizing indigenous law and traditional practice in water management. Her current research focuses on climate change policy responses, including REDD, and how more effective rights recognition can enhance social-ecological resilience by reducing conflict, strengthening the likelihood of fair and just outcomes, and ensuring inclusive governance regimes. She has recently made presentations at the UN Human Rights Council’s Social Forum and at conferences at Stockholm Resilience Centre and Yale University on this theme