Regional Vice Chair, West Asia

Mohammad Shahbaz - CEESP Regional Vice Chair Weest Asia

Mohammad Shahbaz


Mohammad Shahbaz has accumulated an extensive experience in environmental practice, management and policies for the last 25 years in Jordan and evolved into a productive role at the international level.
Working at the Jordanian Department of Environment in 1983 enabled him to recognize the national environmental setting. At the Higher Council for Science and technology (HCST) he masterminded the environmental component in the National Science and Technology Policy and Strategy for Jordan. In 1995 he headed the Jordan Badia Research Development Centre (BRDC). He was elected Member of the IUCN Council in 2008 and coordinated the IUCN National Committee in Jordan since 2000.

Professional Agenda:

  1. The world is going through a critical phase regarding some detrimental issues: climate change, elevated cost of energy and bio-fuels. We need a collective approach to resolve those common threats.
  2.  Future generations have the ownership of our natural resources, a human ethical code is needed to save and protect people and nature.
  3. The Mediterranean region should elaborate on a common vision based on good neighborhood leading to; sustained resource management and sound partnership.
  4. Human capital is an integral component for the planets future; emphasis should be focused on good governance, gender justice and leadership.
  5. The IUCN as an international movement. Its leadership, the secretariat and the council can make a positive change, a serious open inter-dialogue must be initiated within.