The Sustainable Development Knowledge Partnership


The Sustainable Development Knowledge Partnership is to be officially launched soon. While a significant body of knowledge has emerged on the concept and practice of sustainable development, much of this information is fragmented and is often not available in a form that is convenient for policy makers and practitioners. To overcome this barrier, a Sustainable Development Knowledge Partnership (SDKP) has been established with the goal of organizing the available knowledge on sustainable development, and making it available to policy makers and practitioners in more accessible and user friendly formats.

The partnership will bring together individuals, institutions, and networks engaged in the production and dissemination of knowledge on sustainable development, including research institutions, universities, expert networks, governmental institutions, civil society organizations, private research entities, and individual researchers working on sustainable development. IUCN-CEESP has joined the Partnership, along with such institutions as Boston University – Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future; the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED); the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI); and the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development (UN-DSD).
Activities under the Partnership will include:

  • Organizing the web-based information on sustainable development and make it available to the policy-making and other communities in a coherent and user-friendly form;
  • Building relations with existing networks working on sustainable development, and make their activities more visible to policy-makers;
  • Organizing a dynamic stocktaking exercise of sustainable development over the past two decades;
  • Publishing and disseminating the partnership's research in a variety of media;
  • Providing capacity building through training for policy makers and their advisors working on sustainable development issues.

The SDKP activities will be managed by ad hoc working groups corresponding to these themes. The definition of the working groups and related work programs is in progress.