The Barcelona World Conservation Congress passed Resolution 4.039: Cross-commission collaboration on sustainable use of biological resources.

This resolution called on the IUCN Commissions, especially the Species Survival Commission (SSC) and the Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP), to establish a mechanism for increased cooperation on the benefits of sustainable use of renewable natural resources and other interactions between people and wildlife in the context of conservation.

The range of issues that could potentially be addressed through this resolution, and the range of actions that could be proposed, are extensive and diverse. Simon Stuart and Aroha Mead, the respective Chairs of SSC and CEESP, agreed that a scoping exercise was needed to identify key issues and narrow options for cooperation. This scoping exercise involved two stages:

  1. an initial online consultation with key stakeholders in the SSC, CEESP, other Commissions, the IUCN Secretariat and the IUCN Membership; and
  2. a formal workshop with leading experts from SSC and CEESP informed by the results of the online consultation and charged with formulating firm recommendations to the two Chairs for advancing Resolution 4.039.

The purpose of this initial online consultation was to canvass informed opinion on:

  1. The underlying issues that led IUCN members to attribute such importance to Resolution 4.039;
  2. The prioritisation of those issues in terms of both their significance to the conservation of nature, and the degree to which they can be solved partly or fully through increased cooperation between Commissions;
  3. The structural mechanism(s) and resources that may be required in the short -term, and if necessary longer-term, to foster the necessary collaboration.

The findings of the survey have now been analysed and a comprehensive Report has been compiled by Carol Poole and Holly Dublin. A follow-up technical workshop is planned for 2 & 3 October to explore the Report's findings.

For a full copy of the Report contact CEESP or click on the links below.