SEAPRISE members have been very active in many countries since Barcelona . SEAPRISE is now working closely with many Environmental and Human Rights Organisations. Here are a few examples:

  • Alaska - Prof Steiner has been in the forefront to stop new oil and gas exploration in the Arctic and needs all the support he can get from CEESP and other IUCN Members. He is also working on Citizens councils as shown elsewhere.
  • Democratic Republic of Congo - Robert Goodland is currently looking at the environmental and social impacts of mines in the DRC.
  • Mauritania - Sandra Kloff has continued to provide support to organisations opposing the Dutch proposal to allow a Dutch Bottom fishing fleet to fish near the Banc D'Arguin World Heritage site. The fleet was stopped from fishing in the Wadden Sea for causing major damage to the eco system.
  • Nigeria -Under the leadership of Prof Obot SEAPRISE has been working on the problems of the Niger Delta and apart from the reports and maps they have produced themselves they helped a number of other organisations including Amnesty International called “ Nigeria : Petroleum, Pollution and Poverty in the Niger Delta”.
  • Philippines - Clive Wicks and Robert Goodland visited mining projects in the Philippines and, with help from many Filipinos, Co-Authored a 277 page publication Philippines Mining or Food? It is currently available on and will be put on the SEAPRISE web page ASAP. Based on the findings in the book SEAPRISE members also helped to organise 8 training courses for NGOs, Government and Academic Institutions in the Philippines as well as briefing Aid Agencies in Manila. They also made a presentation in the UK House of Parliament and took part in briefing Financial Institutions in London on mining.
  • Peru - SEAPRISE members helped to run a workshop on Strategic Environmental Assessments with WWF and the Ministries of Environment and Oil, Gas and Mining. Regrettably, shortly afterwards the President decided to allow oil, gas and mining operations though out the Peruvian Amazon, This would have caused major environment damage and human rights abuses and many people were killed as a result.

SEAPRISE is delighted that the group working on Bio fuels has joined it

Further capacity building programmes are being prepared.