Book Chapter on Rural Development

25 November 2013 | Article

Dr. Mirza B. Baig, teaching at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is pleased to share his book chapter on Rural Development with other members. This chapter, Sustainable Agriculture Ensures Sustainable Rural Development: A Reality or a Myth, discusses that poverty in Pakistan is largely a rural phenomenon; therefore, the development of agriculture must be a principal vehicle for alleviating rural poverty. Unfortunately, the country’s agriculture is negatively affected by various issues and constraints which have been enlisted in this chapter.

These issues, in turn, influence Pakistan’s developmental activities, particularly in the rural areas. It is believed that the revitalization of rural development will provide a sound foundation for broad-based accelerated economic growth.

In this chapter, an effort is made to demonstrate that sustainable agriculture and holistic approach are imperative to achieve rural development. The analysis leads to the conclusion that sustainable agriculture results in sustainable rural development, and that this is a reality, not a myth.