Follow-Up for CEESP related WCC Resolutions

Ken MacDonald and Rick Steiner have undertaken an initiative to record the work that CEESP members are contributing towards the implementation of CEESP-related resolutions approved during the 2008 WCC. This effort builds on a clear call from members for better information on the fate of resolutions approved during Congress. It also serves to communicate to the Secretariat and the broader membership just how active CEESP members are in supporting the motions they put so much effort into developing. We would like to request assistance in coordinating this exercise, so if you are willing to act as a focal point for your region or thematic area, we would be grateful if you would contact Ken MacDonald.

During the recent WCC in Barcelona, the Theme on Culture & Conservation (TCC) spearheaded two resolutions. The first called for the “Endorsement and Adoption by IUCN of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”. During the WCC this was merged with Motion 4.075 “Implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”, which was adopted as Resolutions 4.075 with the support of 81% of government and 99% of NGO members.

TCC also spearheaded motion 4.055 “Integrating Culture and Cultural Diversity into IUCNs Policy and Programme”. This was adopted with the overwhelming Support of members (97.59% of Gov., and 99.49% of NGO members). While the Programme and Policy Committee has not identified this motion as a priority for secretariat, the overwhelming support by IUCN membership indicates that CEESP should move ahead and take a leadership role in developing policy for approval by the membership. Accordingly, we would like to establish an advisory group, and from that a core committee to work on the development of a position paper that would serve as the basis for policy development. We’re now soliciting expressions of interest from CEESP members interested in serving as members of the Advisory Group. If you are interested, please contact Ken MacDonald.