Cleaning nets at Rameshwaram, Gulf of Mannar.

Using SocMon in coastal communities worldwide

From remote fishing villages and islands to mass tourism destination areas, the Global Socio-economic Monitoring for Coastal Management (SocMon) initiative ( has been actively collecting data and information on human use and dependence on coastal ecosystems since 2003. Dedicated volunteer regional coordinators in seven regions worldwide – Caribbean, Central America, Brazil, Western Indian Ocean, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands – engage, train and work with a wide cross-section of coastal managers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community-based organisations (CBOs), resource users and communities in using techniques for measuring and monitoring socio-economic conditions of coastal management sites (such as marine protected areas or locally managed marine areas, coastal fishing villages, mangroves etc.).    …  

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National Consultative Workshop on “Ecological Engineering for DRR”

Year 2015 was a landmark year in international negotiations on both climate change adaptations and disaster risk reduction. Scientific community has increasingly identified clear linkages between sound environmental management and disaster risk reduction.   …  

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Carpobrotus edulis (L.) N.E. Br -- an invasive plant of the Mediterranean coast.

Alien species, a threat to Italy

Author: James Karimi On 23rd February 2016, James Karimi (CEESP members) attended the Congress of “Alien species in Italy: emergencies and re-emergencies for the Environment and Health” at the University of Rome La Sapienza. The Congress was organized by ISPRA and the National Federation of Italian Scientific Societies of Natural and Environmental Sciences (FISNA) which include well-known science societies such as the Society of Ecology, Society of Marine Biology and Society of Vegetation Science. …  

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Could sustainably grown biofuels meet the needs of smallholders?

In January 2016, CEESP member Doris Cellarius gave a presentation about biofuels at the Twelfth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability. This conference brings together people of all ages and cultures who are working for sustainable solutions. At the conference, Doris also introduced the themes and activities that CEESP members are involved in around the world and handed out a “CEESP Factsheet”.  …  

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Launch of the “Communities, Companies and Conflict report”-Sharing Natural Resource Governance issues in Zimbabwe

As a way of sharing and networking on natural resource governance issues, two members of the Natural Resource Governance Working Group, attended the launch of a report by Centre for Natural Resource Governance (CNRG) based in Zimbabwe in October 2015 on Communities, Companies and Conflict. The report was based on a two years research that was undertaken by CNRG looking at the extractive sector in Zimbabwe. …  

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Young Scientist Award conferred on Dr. Hishmi Jamil Husain

Dr Hishmi Jamil Husain, a young scientist working in Rio Tinto since a decade ago has received the prestigious Young Scientist Award of Year 2015. His name is among the notable alumni of International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University, Aligarh Muslim University and Commission Member of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy and Commission on Education and Communication.   …  

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Chair of TEMTI urges more research on ivory trade 

Alejandro Nadal, chair of TEMTI, visited Kenya in February and gave hosted a forum at the Head Quarter of Kenya Wildlife Service. Here he had a meeting with Mr. Kitili Mbathi, newly appointed head of KWS, and Mr. Patrick Omondi, deputy director for Species Conservation and Management at KWS. …  

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Steering Committee News – March 2016

The first quarter of 2016 has just passed; CEESP Steering Committee has some news to share. First of all, as you might be all aware that the Cyclone Winston struck Fiji in February. It inflicted extensive damage on many islands and killed 44 people. Communications were temporarily lost with at least six islands, with some remaining isolated more than two days after the storm's passage. Nearly 55,000 homes were damaged or destroyed and approximately 350,000 people (roughly 40% of Fiji's population) were significantly impacted by the storm. Fortunately, three CEESP SC members who live in Fiji, Elizabeth Erasito (Administrative Officer), Elise Huffer (Co-Chair of Theme on Culture and Conservation) and Meretui Ratunabuabua (Co-Chair of Theme on Culture and Conservation) and their families are all safe!! However, their works and living have been affected due to the building damage and power cut.   …  

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Advancing the Natural Resource Governance Framework (NRGF) and One Programme Approach

A group of colleagues from IUCN Secretariat programs and from the Natural Resources Governance Framework (NRGF) Working Group met for a one and half days on the 18th and 19th of January 2016 at IUCN headquarters, Gland, Switzerland, with the main aim of advancing the NRGF, building collaboration with the Secretariat and strengthening the One Programme Approach. …  

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Drafting a concept for knowledge repository / Hima toolkit— An update of CEESP West Asia

Over the last six months, CEESP West Asia has focused on developing a knowledge repository tool-kit. The aim of developing this tool-kit is to support the implementation of National Action Plan (NAP) Alignment with the UNCCD 10- Year Strategy by “Improving the living conditions of affected populations''.    …  

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