Regional Vice Chair for Southern Africa Masego Madzwamuse (Botswana)

Ms Masego Madzwamuse joins OSISA as Economic Justice Programme Manager

In April 2011 Ms Masego Madzwamuse joined the Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa (OSISA) as Programme Manager for Economic Justice. OSISA has been central in driving and demonstrating the interdependence between democracy, economic development and human rights. The premise for the Economic Justice programme is that in a continent that continues to grapple with severe political, economic and social challenges socio-economic rights are central to the human rights discourse. …  

03 Aug 2011 | News story

Indigenous Organics Brand launched

CEESP Chair, Aroha Mead, attended the launch of the Maori indigenous organics brand, "Hua Parakore". The launch of the brand comes after many years of struggle to implement a vision for Maori to produce, consume and market traditional foods. …  

03 Aug 2011 | News story

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Call for nomination of Chair and Members of the IUCN CEESP/SSC Sustainable Use Specialist Group

The Chairs of CEESP and SSC seek nominations for the position of SUSG Chair (or two Co-Chairs). Candidates should preferably be familiar with both CEESP and SSC, and be committed to working cross-sectorally across different disciplines. Nominations should be submitted to by 31 August 2011, and should include a cover letter and a curriculum vitae. Self-nominations, and nominations of other people, are both permitted, but nominations of others should include a statement as to whether or not the person in question has agreed to serve if appointed. The intention is to appoint the chair of the SUSG before the end of October 2011. Expressions of interesting in joining this new Specialist Group as a member can be sent to: 

03 Aug 2011 | News story
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‘We're in this together:' promoting youth engagement and intergenerational partnership within and through CEESP

The Sharing Power Conference, held in Whakatane, New Zealand, in January 2011, helped create momentum for a youth-focused movement within CEESP. Building on the conferences successes, Aroha Mead invited CEESP member Catie Burlando, with support from CEC member Dominic Stucker, to form a group that would promote youth engagement and intergenerational partnership within and through CEESP. 

03 Aug 2011 | News story


CEESP Annual Report 2010

A Message from the Chair …  

07 Jun 2011 | News story

Thematic Session: Change and Loss in Marine Biodiversity from Bycatch in Marine Capture Fisheries

CEESP Member, Eric Gilman encourages members to consider participating in a session on fisheries bycatch as part of the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity, to be convened from 26-30 Sept. 2011 in Aberdeen, UK …  

04 May 2011 | Article
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Theme on Environment, Conflict and Security

TECS Consultations | The Theme on Environment, Conflict and Security focuses on the intersection between environmental governance, environmental change and conflict and how this impacts on multiple dimensions of security. …  

04 May 2011 | News story
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REDD and Communities Task Force plans for 2011

The CEESP REDD and Communities Task Force has launched its plans for 2011 this month. The task force, which is formally incorporated under TGER, will continue to disseminate regular information on the development of national and international policies to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation and enhance carbon stocks (REDD+). …  

03 May 2011 | News story
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Jennifer Mohamed-Katerere

CEESP announces new SC members

We are pleased to introduce to you and welcome two new members of the CEESP Steering Committee. …  

03 May 2011 | News story
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25th International Congress for Conservation Biology being held in Auckland, NZ, 5-9 December 2011

The first ICCB was held in 1988 in Bozeman, Montana, USA. Since then, SCB Annual Meetings have been held in Africa, Australia, Europe, and North and South America. Plenary sessions are presented by conservation leaders and visionaries - speakers have included Richard Cowling, Gustavo Fonseca, Jeremy Jackson, Jane Lubchenco, Sir Robert May, and Michael Soulé, just to name a few. …  

03 May 2011 | Event
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