Participants of the International Academy on Sustainable Development at the UNESCO WHS Palazzina di caccia di Stupinigi in Turin, Italy. October 16th, 2015.

INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Capacity Building Workshop on the Management of UNESCO designated sites: World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves

 The pilot edition of the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – Capacity Building Workshop on the Management of UNESCO designated sites: World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves, took place in Turin and in the Piedmont region from October 16th to October 21st, 2015. Over 30 site manager and operators from World Heritage properties and Biosphere Reserves coming from all over the world took actively part to the workshop and training sessions, sharing their experiences and discussing about main working issues and opportunities. Case presented included testimonies from Colombia, China, France, Hungary, Kenya, Mexico, Oman, Portugal, Serbia, among the others. …  

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FIGURE. Convergence between Formal and Traditional Protected Area Management Principles

Guest Editorial - Revisiting the Asian Philosophy of Protected Areas

At the Workshop on Protected Areas Management held in Akita, Japan in 2009, several of the participants propositioned that Asia has an alternative approach to biodiversity conservation and protected area management that needed to be revitalised.   …  

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Issue 1517: Chair’s Comments

2015 has been an historical year for the environment – with the conclusion of the Paris Climate Change negotiations. As with any UN negotiation, the final Paris Climate Agreement is a compromise but marks a turning point in the struggle to contain global warming as it sets an objective to ensure global warming stays "well below" 2 degrees Celsius and to "pursue efforts" to limit the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius”.  …  

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CEESP SC at the Hawai’i Convention Centre.

CEESP Steering Committee Meeting

The CEESP Steering Committee met in Honolulu, Hawaii in advance of next year’s World Conservation Congress. The meeting was held November 13-15th with two field trips to visit Native Hawai’ian community biocultural conservation initiatives in Oahu and Hawai’i islands, as well as a site visit to the Hawai’i Convention Centre which will be the venue for the World Conservation Congress. 


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CEESP SC at the He’eia fishponds.

CEESP SC & Restoration of Hawaiian Fish Ponds

CEESP member Kevin Chang and member of Kualoa-He’eia Ecumenical Youth Project, together with CEESP Co-Chair of TILCEPA Trisha Kehaulani Watson, organised a field trip to the three communities involved with the restoration of fish ponds from watershed to wetlands to the He’eia fishponds on the windward side of Oahu. Established in 2001 by a group of young Hawaiian, Papae o He’eia works in partnership with landowner Kamehameha Schools to manage and maintain the fishpond for the community. …  

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Drawing depicting the watershed and wetlands that flow into the fishponds.

Community Volunteering Day during the World Conservation Congress

Following the field trip of the CEESP SC to the three communities involved in the fishponds ecosystem, the CEESP Chair was struck by the overwhelming task the community group managing the wetlands restoration project faced.  …  

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The IUCN Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability at the 2016 World Conservation Congress: An update

Over a period of six months, over 1500 events responded to the Call for Contributions for the 2016 World Conservation Congress, to be hosted in Honolulu, Hawai’i, September 1st – 10th. 79 proposals focused explicitly on youth and IPS, while many more were submitted by youth and/or invited young professionals to participate.  …  

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The Multifaith panel on climate ethics and actions on the opening day of the COP21.

CEESP hosts faith leaders at COP21

“When I was showering this morning, I realised that all water on Earth recycles constantly through all living beings. Plants, animals and humans are vessels for the planet’s humidity. I realised that my shower water had already been in your bodies and the bodies of all living things throughout time. We are all connected in this world.” Al Hajji Fazlun Khalid, Trustee of IFEES. …  

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The People in Nature team meets with the NRGF Southern African partnership group 
in Johannesburg, South Africa, in October 2015.

Update on People in Nature: New name and call for CEESP member inputs

People in Nature (PIN), formerly known as Human Dependence on Nature (HDN), is an IUCN knowledge basket that aims to promote learning and build understanding on the interrelationships of people in nature. It is being developed through the One Programme approach, led by CEESP. People in Nature as an alternative name emerged out of a recent workshop held to review progress in South Africa. …  

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Great progress for the Natural Resource Governance Framework in 2015

The developing IUCN Natural Resource Governance Framework (NRGF) is a knowledge basket with the goal and purpose of strengthening the assessment of governance and improving decision-making. Governance is important as it is a critical factor in both effectiveness and justice in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development efforts.  …  

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