The law of the mother : protecting indigenous peoples in protected areas

03 November 1993 | Downloads - publication

Kemf, Elizabeth, ed. ; McNeely, Jeffrey A., Afterword WWF ; Sierra Club ; IUCN

Compiled by WWF in collaboration with IUCN, this document offers a comprehensive view of how to design and implement conservation projects to provide for local peoples, wildlife, and the land itself. Written by scientists, environmentalists, and representatives of NGOs working on every continent, the essays in this collection also note areas of continuing conflict, such as issues of ownership, but also describe how "creative communities" are experimenting with innovative solutions to the political, ecological, and human challenges that protected area managers must overcome.

San Francisco : Sierra Club BooksLondon : Earthscan, 1993. xix, 296p., plates : maps.
ISBN 0-87156-451-3 ; 1-85383-167-0
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