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The following papers have been provided by members of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law.

The views expressed in these papers are the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of IUCN.


Climate Change and Energy

M Zafar Haider Jappa 
Climate Change Monster - Calamitous situation in South Asia demands urgent action  

Stephen Keim:
Environmental Law Challenges of Climate Change

Stephen Keim:
Re Xstrata Coal Pty. Ltd. and Others: a Talking Point Case

A. F. M. Maniruzzaman:
Environment and Sustainable Energy Development in the Asia-Pacific Region
Published in: International Energy Law and Taxation Review, No.2, 2003, p. 37-44 (copyright Sweet and Maxwell)

A. F. M. Maniruzzaman:
Climate Justice is What's Needed for Copenhagen Success
Published in: Amicus Curiae: Journal of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies (U.K.), (Editorial), issue 79, Autumn 2009, pp.1-2.

Lily Mathews and Paul Curnow, Baker & McKenzie:
RELaw Assist : Renewable Energy Law in China : Issues Paper

Chris McGrath:
Will we leave the Great Barrier Reef for our children?

Richard L. Ottinger:
Biofuels – Potential, Problems & Solutions

Richard L. Ottinger and Adrian J. Bradbook:
UNEP Handbook for Drafting Laws on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Resources 



William L. Andreen:
Motivating Enforcement: Institutional Culture and the Clean Water Act
(The article was published in the Pace Environmental Law Review and is reprinted with permission; copyright 2007 Pace Environmental Law Review)

Erik B. Bluemel:
The Implications of Formulating a Human Right to Water

Nicolas Boeglin
Implicaciones jurídicas internacionales para Costa Rica de los recursos hidricos compartidos o transfronterizos

Mario Peña Chacón:
Daño responsabilidad y reparacion ambiental

Mario Peña Chacón:
Gestion integrada del recurso hídrico en la legislacion costarricense

Mario Peña Chacón:
Tutela juridica de los ecosistemas de humedal