Steering Committee


The Steering Committee governs the activities of WCEL. It is composed of the Chair, the Deputy Chair, the Vice Chairs, and the Director of the ELC (on an ex officio basis).

In accordance with the WCEL By-laws, the Steering Committee is responsible for formulating policy, procedures, and rules of WCEL, and for determining all programmes of the Commission, within the bounds of the mandate and terms of reference as established by the IUCN General Assembly. The Steering Committee also nominates candidates for appointment or reappointment to the WCEL, approves the WCEL budget and annual workplan, and performs such other functions as may be conferred upon it by its individual Members or by the Chair.

World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL) - Steering Committee 2013-2016


Antonio Herman Benjamin

Prof. Antonio Herman V. Benjamin

Chair, WCEL

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Ben Boer

Ben Boer

Deputy Chair, WCEL

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CEL SC Member E Mrema

Ms. Elizabeth Mrema

D. Hunter, CEL SC

Mr. David Hunter

Gustavo Alanis - CEL SC Member

Mr. Gustavo Alanis

WCEL Steering Committee member - Ricardo Lorenzetti

Mr. Ricardo Lorenzetti

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Dr. Alejandro Iza

Dr. Alejandro Iza

Ex Officio Member

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W.E. Burhenne receiving the Coolidge Medal at IUCN Congress 2012 in Jeju

Dr. Wolfgang Burhenne

Chair Emeritus

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