Drylands Journey

Contact Information: Jonathan Davies, Coordinator Global Drylands Initiative, jonathan.davies@iucn.org

Camel train in the desert of Tadrart Acacus


Drylands cover 41.3% of the world’s land surface and are home to extraordinary biodiversity. They provide ecosystem services that support the livelihoods of 2 billion people in drylands and countless more outside their borders. Yet the values of drylands are often overlooked and as a result dryland biodiversity is lost through neglect. Local livelihood systems and dryland cultures play a prominent role in conserving dryland biodiversity and are becoming central to conservation and protected area strategies. Much greater progress can be made towards our shared global conservation goals if we raise awareness of the opportunities and potential for conserving dryland biodiversity.

Friday, 7 September - The journey starts with Knowledge Café Discussions focussing on land management (#422, 508, 646). Of interest are Posters #367 and #547 about rural community role and water management.

Saturday, 8 September – Join the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in a Knowledge Café Discussion (#355) on Mobilising Action to Conserve Drylands Biodiversity through Sustainable Land Management and don’t hesitate to visit the WCPA Pavilion to celebrate the successes in protecting temperate grasslands.

Sunday, 9 September - The Protected Planet Pavilion will be the place to be (13:00 to 14:30) for the launch of the book “Conserving Dryland Biodiversity”

Monday, 10 September - Be sure to sign up for the Conservation Campus Course (#784) if you are considering Green Actions and don’t miss the Poster #280 exposing the Guadix Basin history.

Tuesday, 11 September – Among proposed Posters, don’t forget to have a look at the #616, highlighting Striped Hyaena Conservation. The drylands journey concludes with presentation of key lessons and proposals from the journey events in Commission/Programme wrap-up session (workshop #813) where priorities, strategies and actions will be identified for the coming inter-sessional period.

Date Time ID # Type* Title Venue
07-Sep 13:00-14:30 232 Po International cooperation for the mitigation of adverse impacts of Asian Dust aerosols Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 367 Po Water fog in the desert: working with rural community to conserve ecosystems Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 547 Po Community based integrated water resource management to address climate change in the Thar desert, India Lobby 1st floor
14:30-16:30 422 KC Conservation participative de la biodiversité et développement faiblement émissif en carbone d´Ecovillages pilotes à proximité des aires protégées du Sénégal  Yeongju Hall B
14:30-16:30 508 KC The innovative plan to restore the waste land and the desert  Yeongju Hall B
14:30-16:30 646 KC Knowledge is key to climate change adaptation policy: Lessons learned from five African countries?  Yeongju Hall B
08-Sep 11:00-13:00 469 KC Understanding the biofuels policy-standards interface and its implications for biodiversity and food security  Yeongju Hall B
13:00-14:30 532 Po Experience of the local ECONET implementation: harmonization between nature conservation and local livelihoods needs and future prospects  Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 1199 Pav Celebrating the successes in protecting temperate grasslands Protected Planet Pavilion
14:30-16:30 355 KC Mobilising Action to Conserve Drylands Biodiversity through Sustainable Land Management  Yeongju Hall B
14:30-16:30 663 KC Limiting biodiversity impacts from biofuels through land use mapping and certification schemes Yeongju Hall B
09-Sep 13:00-14:30 1204 Pav Conserving drylands biodiversity for sustainable land management (book launch) Protected Planet Pavilion
10-Sep 13:00-14:30 280 Po The Guadix Basin (Granada, Spain): two million years of geodiversity underpinning biodiversity.  Lobby 3rd floor
13:00-14:30 416 Po Gestion partagée d´écosystèmes transfrontaliers : l´exemple de la Réserve de Biosphère Transfrontalière du Delta du Fleuve Sénégal  Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 724 Po 15 years of influencing people and creating positive impact  Lobby 1st floor
14:00-18:00 784 CC Young Leaders for Green Action  Crystal Ballroom 1 
11-Sep 11:00-13:00 653 KC Vers une plus grande Resilience des Ecosystemes: Lueurs d'espoir en Afrique Subsaharienne  Yeongju Hall B
13:00-14:30 616 Po Striped Hyaena in Iran Status, behavioral ecology and Conservation strategies  Lobby 1st floor
13:00-14:30 721 Po Dinamica Sobre el Sistema Nacional de Áreas Protegidas na Guiné-Bissau  Lobby 3rd floor
14:30-16:30 111 KC Large Carnivores Initiative in West and Central Africa Yeongju Hall B
14:30-16:30 542 KC A Virtual Encyclopedia of key steppes for better understanding and biodiversity conservation Yeongju Hall B
14:30-16:30 813 W Trends and Priorities in Ecosystem Management: Key conclusions from the Commission's six Journeys 201
14-Sep 19:00-21:00 1192 Pav The Red List and socio-economic values for freshwater species in northern Africa: IUCN Mediterranean Office Species Pavilion

*Type of events:

CC Conservation Campus

KC Knowledge Café

Pav Pavilion

Po Poster

W Workshop

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