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Vacancy: Head, IUCN Science and Knowledge Management

Mobilising knowledge from across IUCN constituencies and integrating it into the IUCN Programme is a key part of this position. The closing date is 6 June. …  

16 May 2012 | News story

Koedoe, with the sub-title 'African Protected Area Conservation and Science' is an influential, frequently cited, accredited, peer reviewed and Open Access journal published since 1958. Koedoe promotes and contributes to the scientific (biology) and environmental (ecology and biodiversity) conservation practices of Africa, by defining the key practices that will ensure biological diversity in Africa.

Koedoe special issue call for papers: Tourism and protected areas

While Koedoe tends to focus on conservation in Africa, this special issue has a global reach and authors are invited to submit papers by 1 August 2012 for publication prior to the World Conservation Congress. …  

14 May 2012 | News story

Food and Agriculture: The future of sustainability

CEC Chair co-authors UN report on Food and Agriculture: The Future of Sustainability

Keith Wheeler is co-author of this new report just released by the U.N. Division for Sustainable Development as a strategic input to the "Sustainable Development in the 21st Century Report" to be launched at the Rio+20 Summit. …  

07 May 2012 | News story

World Resources Institute

Vote for the best video communicating climate change

Which of these three videos delivers the strongest message about climate change science? Vote for your favourite World Resources Institute video today! 

04 May 2012 | News story

Wild Wonders of Europe - wolf

Rewilding in Europe through biosphere reserves

Europe is currently in the middle of an exceptional wildlife comeback boom due to large-scale abandonment of farmland. This phenomenon is particularly notable in the continent’s mountainous areas, which are running wild with robust, resilient nature. The time has never been more ripe for the conservation of biodiversity in Europe.   …  

04 May 2012 | News story
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Proyecto Buena Governanza del Agua y Cambio Climático

Animated video on climate change adaptation

A new animated video 'Adaptación al Cambio Climático: Gente y Ecosistemas', was recently developed by the IUCN Mesoamerica office. …  

30 Apr 2012 | News story


Top global platform on biodiversity and its benefits established

After several years of international negotiations, the final operational design of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) was agreed upon during the Second Plenary Session to build IPBES held in Panama City, Panama, from 16-21 April 2012. …  

24 Apr 2012 | News story

Garba Tula drylands project, Kenya

Food crisis in the Sahel in 2012: a Somali déjà vu?

To avoid impending food crises in East Africa, policy makers should act now to ease the cross-border movement of pastoralists, says Pablo Manzano, Global Coordinator of the World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism. …   | French

23 Apr 2012 | Article
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Holding nature

Linking IUCN science to global action

IUCN is ready to participate actively and share its most prominent knowledge products with an emerging global platform on biodiversity and its benefits (IPBES). Learn more on IUCN’s knowledge, tools and standards and discover how these can help IPBES linking science to action. …  

20 Apr 2012 | News story

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BRIDGE – Training workshop on water governance

Promoting water governance capacity across boundaries lies at the core of the IUCN BRIDGE -Building River Dialogue and Governance- project. A training workshop on water governance learning took place in Lima, Peru from 13 to 15 April for BRIDGE coordinators from Asia, Central and South America. …  

19 Apr 2012 | News story