Welcome to the inaugural issue of SULiNews. As Co-Editors with Rosie, we are once again delighted to be able to share the latest news from the network and beyond among those of you either working in or that have a keen or growing interest in the field of sustainable use, livelihoods, and conservation.

Welcome back to readers of the old SUSG newsletter, Sustainable, and apologies for the intermission. We hope that SuliNews will build on the style and substance of its predecessor, combining topicality with some hard-edged thinking, and by ultimately providing a space in which best practice can be shared, and theories can be developed and tested.

We would like to begin by re-iterating some useful guidance for contributors that Rosie neatly summed up in a recent post to the SULi listserv:

“What have you been working on lately? What use issues are you are grappling with? Read any impressive, thought-provoking or enraging books or articles? Share your experience and thoughts with the SULi network and beyond. We'd love to hear from you, and are looking for short articles of around 700 words on topical issues.”

This should hopefully spur you on, but do contact us even if you have an idea for an article or news item and wish to discuss it prior to writing. While 700 words is a good target to aim for we can be flexible – the main thing is to be clear, direct and engaging.

As you write, and because we use the first few sentences of your article to introduce your work in the e-newsletter and steer readers to the main article housed here, within the SULi section of the IUCN website, the first paragraph should grab the reader’s attention by addressing as many of the classic writing prompts (Who, Where, Why, What, When, How) early on. They may not be appropriate for all types of articles, such as book or paper reviews, but they can often help get you underway.

As always we encourage you to send in any photographs, maps or diagrams to illustrate your work but do bear in mind that if you don’t hold the copyright you need to include permission from the copyright holder authorising us to run their work alongside your article in both the e-newsletter and on the website. Finally, JPEGs are our file format of choice.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Robin and David

PS: In regard to time zones and response times, we live in different parts of London and combine our roles as Co-Editors with other commitments, so do bear with us!