Message from the Chair
Welcome to our third edition of SULiNews. The last few months have been dominated by two major international meetings – the World Conservation Congress and the Convention on Biological Diversity Conference of the Parties.
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Re-developing IUCN’s work on sustainable use
Sarah Doornbos - SULI's recently appointed Programme Officer - and Rosie sum up the key workshop on re-developing IUCN’s work on sustainable use and the presentations from Steve Broad and Holly Dublin among others.
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WCC workshop reports
Thousands of delegates, hundreds of presentations and workshops; sit back and find out what the SULi membership got up to in Jeju:

CBD Cop 11
SULi Chair Rosie Cooney and Tahir Rasheed of SULi in Central Asia and manager of the Torghar Conservation Project file a report on what happened at the latest CoP in Hyderabad.
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Lead ammunition – a ticking bomb under the sustainability of hunting
Why is lead-free ammunition not as widespread as lead-free petrol? Niels Kanstrup from the Danish Academy of Hunting delivers a wake up call.
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Rowan Martin on rhinos

"All three SULiNews articles on rhino have left me with a sense of dissatisfaction." Rowan Martin adds to the rhino debate.
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Book review

"Definitely a book worth reading to understand the complexities of wildlife management in the Neotropics." CONICET's Director, Andres Novaro reviews SULi member Francisco Barbarán's new manual on sustainability assessment and the wildlife trade
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The socio-economic value of freshwater species in northern Africa
Diego Juffe-Bignoli, IUCN Programme Officer with the IUCN Biodiversity Conservation Group introduces a new study.
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