Message from the Chair
Greetings, from the closing day of CITES COP 16 in Bangkok, where this year we’ve seen proposals for listing polar bears in Appendix I, several shark and commercial timber species in Appendix II, action on trade in African elephant and rhino products, and discussion and decisions on many other issues...
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Bleeding, bait and birdfood

A shortfall in Horseshoe crabs in North America has led to a rise in imports of other species from Southeast Asia and species import risk analyses being overlooked. Mark Botton and colleagues give us the full story.
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The trade in Southeast Asian python skins
The trade in python skins in Southeast Asia appears to be sustainable, but there are too many unknowns to be sure. Daniel Natusch makes the case for better monitoring.
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The narrow road of PES
As Payment for Ecosystem Services gathers pace, Martyn Murray, Honorary Fellow at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh, pens a cautionary note.
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Wild harvests and ecological changes in India
New member, Anita Varghese from Keystone Foundation explores hunting and gathering, and participatory ecological monitoring in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve in India.
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The ivory market in China
“The concept that there is one market for ivory is as nonsensical as there being one population of elephants in Africa” writes Kirsten Conrad following an investigative trip to China.
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Protected areas symposium: Are they safeguarding biodiversity?
"This discourse remained largely devoid of reference to the relationships between local people and protected areas." Emily Caruso attended the recent Protected Areas: Are they safeguarding biodiversity? symposium held at ZSL and gives us her take on the discussions.
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Food security, poverty reduction and aquatic conservation
Anne Delaporte and colleagues take a refreshing look at poverty reduction through the lens of marine and aquatic conservation.
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Reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy
Despina Symons, Director of the European Bureau for Conservation and Development, and active member of SULi and the Commission on Ecosystem Management, casts a critical eye over the CFP reforms.
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Biodiversity, health and livelihoods around Lake Victoria
Declining yields from Lake Victoria are having an increasingly serious knock-on effect among local communities. Katie Fiorella introduces her research and explores what the decline means in terms of biodiversity, health and livelihoods.
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The bushmeat trade in the African savanna
Dr Gianetta (Netty) Purchase and Dr. Peter Lindsey shine the spotlight on illegal hunting and the bushmeat trade in the African savanna.
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Book reviews:

Transfrontier conservation areas
Dr Anna Spenceley reviews the book "Transfrontier conservation areas: People living on the edge": "a refreshingly candid collection of papers on transfrontier conservation areas in Southern Africa, from a diverse range of established and new authors".
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Game Changer
David Cumming reviews Glen Martin’s new book that focuses on the conservation philosophies at work in Africa today.
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The Biggest Estate on Earth
Fire management is a hot topic in Australia right now. George Wilson reviews Bill Gummage's book in which the use of fire by Aborigines is a central theme.
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Human Dependence on Nature: How to help solve the environmental crisis
"What is also fundamental in the book is how all the way the author builds on solid science and is very realistic about the difficulty of solving the crises we have brought ourselves into."
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