Chair's message
Over the last few months one of the most important things that has been going on in SULi is the development of a draft strategy for SULi. SULi members have had the opportunity to comment on a first draft over the last month or so. This was followed by a very rich and constructive discussion on the topic at the SULi Steering Committee.
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Conserving snow leopards through sustainable use of mountain ungulates in Tajikistan
Regulated and sustainable use of mountain ungulates has led to stable and increasing snow leopard populations. Tanya Rosen relates this encouraging story from the Pamir mountains in Tajikistan.
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Continuing the CBNRM debate: The trouble with acronyms
Fred Nelson casts a critical eye over the meaning and use of the term CBNRM. It is time to break out of acronymic traps that limit rather than expand our possibilities for effective community resource management.
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Continuing the CBNRM debate: Terminology, information and communication deficits
What role can IUCN play to assist CRM schemes to achieve a higher profile for the valuable contribution they make to both conservation and livelihoods? Max Abensperg-Traun makes the case for improved profiling, communication and information management.
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Continuing the CBNRM debate: Land tenure is not enough
Land tenure and local governance are central to current conservation debates. Johan Oldekop reminds us of the importance to understand the socio-economic and conservation trade-offs that influence local decision-making processes.
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Continuing the CBNRM debate: Beyond the village level
Melissa de Kock argues for much wider adoption of the numerous lessons and principles that CBNRM has yielded over the years with regards to working with people who manage the natural resources they depend on.
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Vital but vulnerable: Climate change vulnerability and human use of wildlife in Africa’s Albertine Rift
Willow Outhwaite reports on the assessment of wildlife use and climate change vulnerability in one of the most biodiverse regions of Africa.
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Use of wood and non-wood forest products by seven indigenous Indian groups in Argentina’s North West: ecological, political and social challenges
Francisco Barbarán analyses competing land uses in Salta, Argentina, and the implications for both the environment and the indigenous inhabitants of the region.
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IUCN submission to the European Commission on trophy hunting imports
In July this year the European Commission circulated a call for stakeholder input on the proposed tightening of the EU controls over the import of hunting trophies from outside the EU. Rosie Cooney reports on the proposal and SULi's response.
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Reports and reviews

Panel at the 2013 MARE Conference: People and the Sea VII – Maritime Futures
SULi members Vivienne Solis Rivera and Jeppe Kolding participated in a panel discussion on sustainable small-scale fisheries management at the 2013 MARE conference.
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Indigenous and local knowledge in IPBES
Will the new IPBES go the way of IPCC, or will it do a better job in using indigenous and local knowledge? A workshop report by Gabriella Lichtenstein and others.
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The other sustainable use Resolution at Amman: progress at last
Robert Kenward shares the progress made towards implementation of WCC2.74 on Conserving the Saker Falcon.
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Re-launch of the Wetlands International Waterbird Harvest Specialist Group
Angus Middleton and Cy Griffin share the long awaited rebirth of the Waterbird Harvest SG.
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Workshop on plant conservation and local livelihoods in the High Atlas of Morocco
Brahim Haddane reports on a workshop on equitable medicinal plant trade, biodiversity conservation and local livelihoods in Morocco.
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August 2013 SULi/ESUG meeting in Brussels

The support group for SULi in Europe (ESUG) held their bi-annual meeting in Brussels. SULi vice chair for Europe Robert Kenward reports.
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Resilience and the Cultural Landscape; understanding and managing change in human-shaped environments
Rob Jongman reviews: "The book presents a kaleidoscope of approaches that can be a good start for future landscape research and land management"
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