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Eastern Sucker-footed Bat Myzopoda Aurita, endemic to Madagascar

Swooping out of sight: Bats in need of greater protection

Nocturnal, furry and known for their spooky reputation around Halloween, bats are not only the mysterious mammals that haunt the dark; they are also an important part of nature and in need of greater protection. According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™, 20% of bats are threatened. …  

28 Oct 2011 | News story

IUCN: 20 years working for the conservation in South America

Challenging, full of learning and commitment to the conservation and the strengthening of our network in the region. …   | Spanish

27 Oct 2011 | News story
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Union Pulse: Next stop Jeju

The eleven Regional Conservation Fora have now concluded following an intensive round of events that started in May, with the Kuwait Fora for Members in West Asia, and ended in October with events in Santo Domingo and Rabat for Members in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, and North Africa respectively. …   | French | Spanish

27 Oct 2011 | News story

Creating change through video and the art of storytelling

What if we change? Launching an interactive documentary

This coming Wednesday, IUCN Netherlands lauches the campaign "What if we change?" Imke Gilsing invites CEC members to view the video clip and learn more about this documentary project.  …  

24 Oct 2011 | News story

El Comité de Miembros de República Dominicana tuvo una importante labor en la preparación y apoyo durante la realización del Foro Regional de Miembros.

Miembros de México, Centroamérica y el Caribe celebraron exitoso foro regional

En un encuentro de dos días, organizaciones ambientales, estados miembros y agencias gubernamentales de toda la región discutieron a profundidad sobre los temas críticos más relevantes que se asoman en sus agendas ambientales. El proceso estuvo enmarcado bajo el propósito de contribuir en el desarrollo del Programa Global y la futura construcción de un Programa Regional que responda a los retos venideros de la Unión en ésta área del mundo. …  

21 Oct 2011 | News story

IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre

Establishing IPBES: Deadlines are set, work in progress

Significant progress in shaping the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) has recently been achieved. What is the vision and involvement of IUCN? Find out in the interview with Julia Marton-Lefèvre, IUCN Director General. …  

21 Oct 2011 | Article

Chielinah Bandana, Weichiau Community Hippo Sanctuary, Winner of the 2008 Equator Prize

10 days left for Equator Prize nominations

IUCN is a proud partner to the Equator Initiative, which has opened its call for nominations for the Equator Prize 2012, to be awarded to 25 outstanding local initiatives that are working to advance sustainable development solutions for people, nature and resilient communities. …  

21 Oct 2011 | News story

Polar bear

Action now to save polar bears

 A study by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) predicts a dramatic reduction in polar bear habitats over the next 10 to 50 years, due largely to global warming. 

20 Oct 2011 | News story

Microcuenca del río Yorkín

CNN iReport: IUCN water project in the spotlight

The IUCN Sixaola river project on the Costa Rica-Panama border was recently filmed and broadcast on CNN’s iReport. …   | Spanish

20 Oct 2011 | News story

Rapport annuel 2010 UICN-PACO

Rapport annuel 2010 UICN-PACO

Ce rapport fait le point des actions et résultats du programme Afrique centrale et occidentale (PACO) dans les cinq domaines du programme quadriennal 2009-2012 : Conserver la diversité de la vie, Changer les prévisions climatiques, Des énergies naturelles pour demain ; Gérer les écosystèmes pour le bien-être humain ; Une économie mondiale plus «verte». Pour marquer le renforcement des liens et de la synergie entre les différentes composantes de l’UICN, il prend en compte des résultats proposés par les commissions et les Membres de l’Union. Le rapport discute également de l’évolution du dispositif institutionnel du Secrétariat en Afrique Centrale et Occidentale. …  

19 Oct 2011 | Downloads - publication
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