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Market in Peru

Peru commits to mainstream gender equality into climate policy

On Gender Day at the 20th Conference of the Parties (COP20) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), host country Peru pledges a gender-responsive climate change action plan. …   | Spanish

09 Dec 2014 | News story

IUCN in Oceania 2013

IUCN in Oceania: Annual Report 2013

The IUCN Oceania Regional Office was established in January 2007, with 2013 marking IUCN's seventh year in the region. The Annual Report for 2013 outlines the highlights of the year for IUCN in the region. …  

08 Dec 2014 | Downloads - publication

Regional Autumn School - Group photo

Regional Autumn School: Natural Resource Rights in the Arab Middle East and North Africa

Securing human rights, livelihoods, and a decent standard of living through sustainable use of nature and resources can only be achieved if we work on reconnecting ecological sustainability, social justice, and democracy. …  

08 Dec 2014 | Article

Diver in Marae Moana (Cook Islands Marine Park)

Future challenges for large marine protected areas in the Pacific highlighted at World Parks Congress

As the Pacific Islands region continues to lead the way in creating large marine protected areas, the World Parks Congress has delivered a wake-up call to the rest of the world that the Pacific will require help to manage these massive areas of global importance. …  

07 Dec 2014 | News story

De acuerdo con los autores del estudio, es posible desarrollar un modelo de distribución de beneficios REDD+ en México que incluya disposiciones específicas para dirigirse a los miembros más pobres de las comunidades.

En la COP 20, la UICN promueve diálogo sobre REDD+ y lucha contra la pobreza en México

COP20, Lima. 1 diciembre 2014. ¿Puede REDD+ contribuir a reducir la pobreza? ¿Cómo apoya este mecanismo a la equidad? Respuestas a estos interrogantes y otros más fueros propuestas durante el evento paralelo “REDD+ monitoring needs to support the distribution of benefits” en la COP20, en el que la Oficina Regional para México, América Central y el Caribe de la UICN en colaboración con el Centro de Investigaciones en Geografía Ambiental (CIGA) de la Universidad Autónoma de México, presentaron los retos y oportunidades para la lucha a la pobreza en México a través de la implementación de REDD+. …  

06 Dec 2014 | News story

Planting trees to improve watershed functions in Doi Mae Salong

IUCN recommendations for IPBES work programme

Ahead of the third plenary meeting of IPBES - the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services - in January 2015, IUCN has compiled its recommendations for the Platform's work plan. …  

05 Dec 2014 | Article

Rosewood poaching

Terre Sauvage Exclusive: Saving Thailand's Blood Wood

Highly prized for making reproduction Chinese furniture, Siamese Rosewood (Dalbergia cochinchinensis) is being poached to extinction in the eastern forests of Thailand. Heavily armed gangs of poachers are invading the forests, where poorly armed, under-resourced rangers are fighting a battle to protect the few trees that remain.  

04 Dec 2014 | News story

Widodo Ramono receives Packard Award

Widodo Ramono receives IUCN/WCPA Fred M. Packard Award

SOS congratulates Mr. Widodo Ramono for receiving the IUCN/WCPA Fred M. Packard Award for his long dedication and inspirational leadership in preventing Sumatran and Javan rhinos from extinction 

02 Dec 2014 | News story

The Restoration Team of Shouf Biosphere Reserve

Members in the News: The Restoration Team of Shouf Biosphere Reserve Restored More than 13000 Seedlings in the Reserve

 Nowadays, the effects of combined ecological, socio-economic, and cultural modifications have dramatically increased the vulnerability of Mediterranean socio-ecosystems. These factors, combined with water deficit, extreme weather events, and large-scale disturbances due to climate change are causing irreversible shifts towards undesirable conditions – the point of “no-return” and to fight this drastic reality by Restoration. …  

02 Dec 2014 | Article

Red-eyed tree frog, Costa Rica

Countries’ economic power does not predict conservation performance

Gland, Switzerland, 1 December 2014 – Some countries are doing better than others at conserving their share of global vertebrate biodiversity, and the factors of success are not related to economic wealth. …  

01 Dec 2014 | International news release