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Woman collecting firewood, Puttalam, Sri Lanka

Towards an IUCN strategy for sustainable bioenergy

“By 2016, bioenergy responsibly contributes to biodiversity conservation, climate change solutions and sustainable livelihoods, as part of building resilient ecological and socio-economic systems.” This is IUCN’s working vision for sustainable bioenergy, an outcome of a recent workshop that convened Members, partners, Commissions and IUCN staff to develop an IUCN bioenergy strategy.* …  

18 Feb 2011 | News story
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local people is making noodles at craft villages

Craft village water pollution

The craft village industry in Viet Nam has witnessed phenomenal growth in the last 10 years, especially in the Red-Thai Binh River Basin, where 60% of craft industries are located. Craft villages make a major contribution to jobs and income. According to the Vietnam Water Sector Review, craft villages employ about 30% of the rural workforce and the average income per capita in craft villages is up to five times higher than in villages devoted to agriculture.
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17 Feb 2011 | News story

Tanguar Haor

Tanguar Haor - making the most of its natural treasures

In Bangladesh, IUCN is working with local communities to conserve and sustain a unique wetland ecosystem, Tanguar Haor. This biologically diverse area, which is home to some rare plant and animal species and supports the lives of more than 56,000 people, was declared a Ramsar site - Wetland of International Importance - in 2000. …  

15 Feb 2011 | Video

Participants in first National Committee Meeting_IUCN Lao PDR_Jan 2011.

World Wetlands Day – Healthy Wetlands, Healthy Forests

This year World Wetlands Day was recognized and celebrated in Vientiane and in Beung Kiat Ngong Wetlands in Champassak Province, one of the first sites in Lao PDR recognized under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance. …  

15 Feb 2011 | News story
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World Water Day, 22 March 2011: "Water for Cities - Responding to the urban challenge"

Announcing World Water Day: 22 March 2011

World Water Day is held annually on 22 March, as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. …  

14 Feb 2011 | Event

Amna Abdulwazid and her agroforest plot in the Fau 5 camp, Eastern Sudan

IUCN's Stewart Maginnis on the importance of forests

What role do forests play in combating climate change and providing livelihoods for millions of people around the world? How do forests affect all 6.8 billion people on the planet? Stewart Maginnis, Director of IUCN's Environment and Development Group answers those question on Global Connections TV. …  

14 Feb 2011 | Video

Engaging with Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in Sri Lanka in restoring a village tank

 IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, Sri Lanka Office (IUCN SL) is negotiating with the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in Sri Lanka (HSBC) to enter into an agreement to restore a village small tank to bring back its original ecosystem functions.   

09 Feb 2011 | News story
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Ecosystems for Life, meeting

Project Advisory Committee for ‘Ecosystems for Life’ established

The joint Project Advisory Committee for ‘Ecosystems for Life: A Bangladesh-India Initiative’ met for the first time on 7 February 2011 in Dhaka to finalise issues of joint research. …  

08 Feb 2011 | Article

Standard Chartered Bank and International Union for Conservation of Nature Forge Partnership

Biological diversity of Sri Lanka is significantly important both at regional and a global scale and Sri Lanka has the highest species density (number of species per 10,000 sq. km) for flowering plants, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals in the Asian region. Furthermore, Sri Lanka is declared as one of the 34 biodiversity hotspots of the world.  

03 Feb 2011 | News story
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The World Wetlands Day Celebrated at Sonmiani, Balochistan

Karachi: February 02, 2011 The World Wetlands Day was jointly celebrated by Balochistan Partnerships for Sustainable Development (BPSD) of IUCN Pakistan, Lasbela District Government, Lasbela Civil Society Network (LCSN), Balochistan Mahigeer Itehad(BMI), Sonmiani Development Organization (SDO), Coastal Organization CARD, Society for Conservation Dam (SSDCN), Sahil Welfare Organization-Gadani and the Media. The event was organized at Sonmiani Lasbela, which is one of the 19 wetlands and Ramsar sites in Pakistan. …  

02 Feb 2011 | News story