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Antonio Oposa

CEL Member Antonio Oposa Receives the 2009 Ramon Magsaysay Award

Antonio Oposa Jr., Filipino environmental lawyer and member of IUCN’s Commission on Environmental Law, has received the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for 2009. The awards ceremony will take place on 31 August 2009 in Manila, Philippines. …  

14 Aug 2009 | News story

Rana Bhai drama staged in Dhaka

Let’s Hear Rana Bhai: the climate change ambassador from Bangladesh

Dhaka, 10 August 2009 (IUCN) – School children from the coastal district of Noakhali delivered messages of climate change adaptation, through a theatrical performance to an audience in Dhaka.

10 Aug 2009 | Event

Book Launch

Sharing Lessons from a Small Grants Programme

IUCN Sri Lanka Office has been implementing a Small Grants Programme, referred to as the Community Conservation Support Fund (CCSF), to support Community-based organizations (CBOs), Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), provincial and local governments and the private sector to undertake replicable, innovative, community-based, sustainable, natural resources management initiatives in Sri Lanka.  

03 Aug 2009 | News story
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Mr Khamphout Phandanouvong (left) shakes hands with Ms Latsamay Sylavong.

DoFI and IUCN collaborate to promote Forest Law Enforcement and Governance

DoFI and IUCN work to promote Forest Governance, DoFI and IUCN collaborate to promote Forest Law Enforcement and Governance.   …  

30 Jul 2009 | Event

A view of the Hin NamNo National Protected Area

Hin Namno National Protected Area

The Hin Namno National Protected Area will be submitted as a candidate to the World Heritage List of UNESCO.  

30 Jul 2009 | Event

arborvitae Special Issue July 2009 - Strengthening Voices for Better Choices

New! arborvitae special issue in five languages!

From the Strengthening Voices for Better Choices project, a review of the lessons and experiences of IUCN’s global multi-stakeholder forest governance project in five different languages. …  

29 Jul 2009 | News story

Consultative workshop for Integrated District Development Vision of District Mastung organized by IUCN Balochistan

QUETTA July 27: A meeting in connection with the Integrated District Development Vision (IDDV)  consultation process for political awareness was held in Quetta by theIUCN Quetta Office. Government officials from agriculture, EDO planning and finance, EDO health,  EDO Education, Director Education, ucation, EDO Community Development, EDO Revenue, Union Council Nazim Mastung, EDO Livestock, media representatives from Mastung, members of civil society, Naseebullah Khan District Coordinator Pishin/Mastung/Quetta from  IUCN, Abdul Latif Rao resource person from IUCN Balochistan were present in the meeting. It was chaired by District  Coordination Officer Mastung  Asfandyar Khan chaired the meeting. …  

27 Jul 2009 | International news release

Protecting Paris polyphylla, a medicinal plant in China

Protecting medicinal plants in China

IUCN is working with partners to apply innovative approaches for the protection of medicinal plants in the mountains of the Upper Yangtze ecoregion. …   | Chinese

22 Jul 2009 | News story

Manager IUCN Balochistan giving the opening address.

“Air pollution in Quetta has increased to a dangerous level; time to act is now or never ” Secretary Environment, Balochistan

QUETTA, July 21: (IUCN) –The Clean air Quality Initiative of Quetta city held a meeting at the IUCN Quetta Office to discuss the threat posed by urban air pollution. The meeting was chaired by the Secretary Environment Munir Ahmed Badini, who urged for awareness raising measures for the residents of Quetta. …  

21 Jul 2009 | International news release

Ganges River dolphin (Platanista gangetica gangetica)

Ganges River Dolphin in dire straits

Dolphin hotspots must be protected if the Ganges River Dolphin (Platanista gangetica gangetica) is to survive in the Brahmaputra river system, according to a recent study. …  

20 Jul 2009 | International news release