Climate change negotiation preparations warm up

27 October 2009 | Event

 Dhaka, Bangladesh, 27 October, 2009  

Environmental experts from around the country gathered in Dhaka at the BIAM Foundation for a significant meeting on climate change.
In the lead up to the December global climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark, members of national environmental organizations have attended briefings around the world, including the Climate Change Talks in Bangkok and the Global Editors Forum in Copenhagen earlier this month.

 Under the 'Road to Copenhagen' project, IUCN (International Union for

Conservation of Nature) Bangladesh are coordinating a national envoy of
almost two hundred delegates. Representatives include members of Parliament,
government and non-government organizations, civil societies and
Climate Change Senior Advisor, IUCN Asia, Dr Ainun Nishat said "Bangladesh
is already experiencing the impacts of a changing climate. We must take an
active role to enhance Bangladesh's capacity to negotiate a long-term
cooperative action to manage the adverse impacts of climate change".
Today's consultative meeting was arranged by the Ministry of Environment and
Forests in association with IUCN Bangladesh, and allowed representatives to
meet and share their recent experiences to help build a strategic position
for the national delegation.
Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan, Country Representative IUCN Bangladesh, gave the welcome
address to the assembled dignitaries and emphasized the need for a united
and practical strategy to mitigate the impacts of climate change.
As the chief guest, Dr Mihir Kanti Mazumder, Honorable Secretary, Ministry
of Environment and Forests, Government of the People's Republic of
Bangladesh addressed the meeting today and discussed the key issues under
debate at the global level and the importance of Bangladesh's participation
in the international discussions.
Dr Nishat provided an overview of the current situation, "We have already
prepared a national Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, the first of
its kind in Bangladesh, so it's a very exciting and pivotal time for us to
be involved on an international level".
Following the detailed and informative discussion, Dr Zafar Ahmed Khan,
Director General of the Department of Environment, facilitated the technical
session on preparations for effective participation in the climate change
negotiation process.

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