Trans-boundary biodiversity, opportunities for collaboration

Trans-boundary biodiversity, opportunities for collaboration

Hilsa fish would benefit from more policy coordination between India and Bangladesh, suggested experts at the International Workshop on Biodiversity organised by IUCN. As a healthy trans-boundary ecosystem provides great value to both countries, a scientific assessment of biodiversity status, threats and needs is essential, they added. …  

21 Mar 2012 | Event

Fish at market in Asia

Changing the water perspective from an Asian angle

IUCN has been making a hard sell to delegates at the World Water Forum in Marseille on the case for investing in natural infrastructure. But what does it mean on the ground? …  

15 Mar 2012 | News story
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Surrounding communities rely on the river for transportation

Water for peace in south Asia

Bangladesh and India have some of the most intricate and complex river systems in the world. The Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna, the three major rivers, along with their tributaries drain an area of about 1.75 million square kilometres supporting a population of 620 million people. …  

14 Mar 2012 | News story

Tanguar Haor community information centre opens to the public

Tanguar Haor community information centre opens

IUCN’s Senior Programme Officer and Tanguar Haor’s Project Manager, Aminur Rahman recently welcomed the local community to the newly opened Tanguar Haor community information centre for the ‘Community Based Sustainable Management of Tanguar Haor’ Project. …  

11 Mar 2012 | Article

One of the perks of the job!

Navigating the politics of water

“Alternatives, dialogue and innovation can provide most of the answers to today’s water management problems.” …  

01 Mar 2012 | Article


1500 Community members and Government Officials come together to promote commerical fish harvesting in the Tanguar Haor

January 2012: The inaugral ceremony of Commercial Fish Harvesting under the Community Based Sustainable Management of Tanguar Haor project took place in late January with more than 1500 community people (including 300 women) and government officials in attendance. 

19 Feb 2012 | News story
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IUCN Bangladesh and CEGIS go head to head on the cricket pitch in a friendly T20

All eyes were on the cricketers the grandstands packed as IUCN Bangladesh took to the cricket pitch against CEGIS in a friendly T-20 (20-20) cricket match at Mohammadpur, Dhaka on 7 January 2012. …  

11 Jan 2012 | Article

Fishing VIllage

Strengthening regional cooperation to address marine ecosystems

Experts from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand, through the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem (BOBLME) Project, underlined the importance on a coordinated programme to improve the lives of the coastal populations by improved regional management of the Bay of Bengal environment and its fisheries.   …  

14 Dec 2011 | Event

Panel discussion

Call for a joint Bangladesh-India media strategy to highlight trans-boundary resource issues

Media professionals from Bangladesh and India called for a joint media strategy to promote better understanding of trans-boundary resource management between both the countries at a recent media dialogue organised by IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature. …  

13 Dec 2011 | News story

International workshop on trans-boundary water sharing resources

International workshop on trans-boundary water resource knowledge sharing

A workshop held last week by IUCN  suggested that greater research, sharing of knowledge, more dialogues and capacity building  between Bangladesh and India would assist in resolving trans-boundary river issues between the two countries.
The day long international workshop titled ‘Trans-boundary water resource knowledge sharing: Presentation of Joint Research Findings and Regional Initiatives’ was held on 24 November in Dhaka, under  the project called, “Ecosystems for Life: A Bangladesh-India Initiative.” …  

12 Dec 2011 | Event

Deer are common in the Sundarbans.