Climate change workshop, 1 March 2011

Call for national unity in combating climate change impacts

Lawmakers need to work together on climate change issues for the benefit of the people of Bangladesh, says Md. Abdul Hamid Advocate, Speaker of the Parliament. …  

06 Mar 2011 | Event

Ecosystems for Life, meeting

Project Advisory Committee for ‘Ecosystems for Life’ established

The joint Project Advisory Committee for ‘Ecosystems for Life: A Bangladesh-India Initiative’ met for the first time on 7 February 2011 in Dhaka to finalise issues of joint research. …  

24 Feb 2011 | Event

Elephant project, school program

Educating children to protect elephants

300 students in six schools in south-east Bangladesh were encouraged to learn more about the majestic Asian elephant and ways to peacefully coexist with the critically endangered species, as part of a community awareness program implemented by the ‘Action Research for Conservation of Asian Elephants in Bangladesh: Phase IV’ project. …  

23 Feb 2011 | News story

Dr Kazi F. Jalal leads an informal discussion on sustainable development.

Move against consumerism is needed for sustainable development

Sustainable development is more about establishing principles of democracy, peace and security and less about intergenerational equity, says Dr Kazi F. Jalal, a Harvard faculty member and former Asian Development Bank official, when he visited IUCN Bangladesh Country Office on 1 February 2010. …  

22 Feb 2011 | News story

Tanguar Haor

Tanguar Haor - making the most of its natural treasures

In Bangladesh, IUCN is working with local communities to conserve and sustain a unique wetland ecosystem, Tanguar Haor. This biologically diverse area, which is home to some rare plant and animal species and supports the lives of more than 56,000 people, was declared a Ramsar site - Wetland of International Importance - in 2000. …  

15 Feb 2011 | Video

(back: left to right) Mr Farid Ahmed, Professor Niaz Ahmed Khan (PhD),  
    Dr Mohammad Nasiruddin and     Dr Ronald Halder with the newly elected leaders of the Central Co-Management Committee for Tanguar Haor.

Conserve wetlands to save biodiversity

World Wetlands Day was observed on 2 February 2011 in Dhaka with the full focus on Tanguar Haor, a unique wetland ecosystem and the second Ramsar site in Bangladesh, which has both national and global significance. …  

02 Feb 2011 | Event

A commercial fisherman at work

Start of 2011 commercial fish harvest in Tanguar Haor

The long awaited commercial fish harvest season for 2011 was inaugurated on 15 January to the delight of the local fishing community, at the bank of Hatirgatha beel, Tanguar Haor. …  

25 Jan 2011 | Event

Community members witness the counting of ballots in Tanguar Haor.

Election of a new Co-Management Committee for Tanguar Haor

The successful election on 23 December 2010 under a revised management structure is the latest positive development of a project that continues to break new ground. …  

25 Jan 2011 | Event

Harvesting fish from an agricultural irrigation channel between Taungoo and Mandalay  Ayeyarwaddy Division  in Myanmar

Freshwater species at risk in Eastern Himalaya development surge

Development of water resources in the Eastern Himalaya region is expanding at a rapid rate and there is a serious lack of information to guide conservation and development planning. This is putting freshwater ecosystems and the species within them at risk, along with the livelihoods and economies of local communities which they support. …  

13 Jan 2011 | International news release

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests to raise awareness on sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests.

IUCN welcomes ‘Forests 2011’ - International Year of Forests

The world’s forests are essential to life in all its diversity and to attaining humanity’s biggest goals such as reducing poverty, curbing climate change and achieving sustainable development. Throughout 2011 IUCN will work towards making sure that forests deliver their maximum potential for human well-being and biodiversity conservation. …   | Spanish

03 Jan 2011 | News story

Deer are common in the Sundarbans.