Who's Who

Current staff

Mr. Ishtiaq Uddin Ahmad

Ishtiaq Uddin AHMAD

Country Representative for IUCN Bangladesh


Ishtiaq holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Masters in Agriculture from Bangladesh Agricultural University, a Master’s in Forestry from University of Peshawar, Pakistan, and another Master’s in Forest Inventory & Management from University of Washington, USA. He is a member of Commonwealth Forestry Association (CFA), Indian Remote Sensing Society, and Bangladesh Civil Service Forest Association.

He has some 30 years experience of working in environment and development of modern management regimes for natural forests and plantations.  His past experiences include being the Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF) for Forest Department, Bangladesh, Deputy Chief Conservation of Forests (DCCF) for Planning Wing, and the Conservator of Forests for Wildlife and Nature Conservation Circle, Forest Department, Government of Bangladesh.

Haseeb Irfanullah


Programme Coordinator


Haseeb's career spans over 15 years in research and development arenas. In 2000, he started with IUCN Bangladesh as an Assistant Programme Officer. After completing his doctoral degree in aquatic ecology at the University of Liverpool in 2004, he joined IUCN again and worked till 2009 at different capacities. 

Prior to joining IUCN as Programme Coordinator, Haseeb led the Reducing Vulnerability and Natural Resource Management and Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Programmes of Practical Action (a UK-based NGO) in Bangladesh. Over the years, he has developed interest in and understanding of climate change adaptation, disaster risk management, natural resource management, biodiversity conservation, and environmental governance.
Haseeb also brings in his expertise in creating, capturing and communicating knowledge; testing & promoting new ideas; and facilitating collaboration, networking & influencing. He and his co-workers have so far published 74 research papers, books & other publications, and 24 online articles on diverse topics − ranging from microscopic plants to freshwater ecosystems to climate change adaptation to poverty-technology nexus. Haseeb's strong passion for research communication continues through mentoring young researchers.

Anwara Begum Shelly

Anwara Begum Shelly PhD

National Coordinator, Bangladesh

Mangroves for the Future (MFF) & Gender Focal Point, IUCN Bangladesh


Dr Shelly was awarded the Degree of Doctor with a dissertation titled “Impact of community management on two beel fisheries in Bangladesh,” from the Department of Zoology, University of Dhaka. She is one of the leading professionals of the development sector in Bangladesh with about 25 years extensive experience in fisheries and cross cutting issues like climate change and economic development.

As the MFF National Coordinator, she supports the MFF National Coordinating Body to oversee the MFF Small grants and play role as the national advisory committee for integrated coastal management. She also works as national communications focal point for MFF and coordinates research and advocacy in for ecosystem based adaptation and understanding the full value of mangroves.

Before joining IUCN, she served as the Director of Caritas Fisheries Programme in Bangladesh. She is also a writer and poet. Her first book ‘ Jibon Theke Neya’ has been published in 2013 compiling her small stories published in the last 20 years in newspapers.


Nasim Aziz

Nasim AZIZ

Senior Programme Officer

Nasim.Aziz @iucn.org

Nasim Aziz did his Masters in Environmental Studies from Dalhousie University, Canada, and Bachelor in Forestry from the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Nasim has seven years of experience in natural resource management, with a strong focus in forestry. He also has experience in biodiversity, socio-economic and institutional assessments and is currently managing several projects in IUCN Bangladesh.

Before joining IUCN, he was working as Performance Monitoring and Applied Research Specialist under Integrated Protected Area Co-management (IPAC), Project funded by USAID.

His areas of interest include biodiversity assessment, socio-economic & institutional assessment.

Shahad Mahabub


Project Manager

Updating Species Red List of Bangladesh Project


Mohammad Shahad Mahabub Chowdhury did his Masters with a specialization in Marine Science from the Institute of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, Chittagong University, Bangladesh. He completed his second Masters in Aquatic Resources Development from Stirling University, UK.

Shahad has considerable work experiences with several prominent national and international institutions in the fields of natural resources development, management and conservation.

He has demonstrated his capability in development, management, supervision and monitoring multidisciplinary research and programme activities throughout the country successfully and has contributed to several national and international journals.

Dipankar Aich

Dipankar Aich

Programme Officer (Natural Resources Management)


Mr. Dipankar Aich has joined IUCN as the Programme Officer (NRM), IUCN Bangladesh based in IUCN Bangladesh Country Office, Dhaka effective from 09 March 2014. Initially Mr. Aich is attached to the project titled “Ecosystems for life: A Bangladesh-India Initiative” as a Dialogue Coordinator.

Mr. Aich has more than seven years of experience in development and research work on Ecosystems services valuation, Green Economy, NRM, Food security and Compliance of supermarket supply-chain. He also worked in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK and India in different capacities. Previously, Dipankar worked for organizations like Asian Center for Development, ActionAid International, UNEP, UNODC and Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM). He also did a short term consultancy with IUCN Bangladesh.

Dipankar completed MSc. specializing in Environmental and Resource Economics (ERE) and Forest Ecosystem Management (FEM) under the international master programme “Sustainable Resource Management” at the TUM in Germany. He earned the Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies with a second major in Economics from North South University (NSU) in Bangladesh. He has authored and co-authored over eight research papers including policy papers and monographs.

Abdul Motaleb

Mohammad Abdul MOTALEB

Programme Officer

Conservation through practice: conservation of medicinal plants and traditional knowledge by involving ethnic communities and Action Research for conservation of Asian Elephant in Bangladesh


Mohammad Abdul Motaleb obtained Masters and Bachelor in Forestry from the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

He is currently managing a project to facilitate conservation of medicinal plant and traditional health service in Chittagong Hill Tracts and another project on the conservation of Asian elephants. He has also worked in biodiversity conservation in the Lawachara National Park, Bangladesh.

Prior to joining IUCN, he worked as a research officer for the Bangladesh Ministry of Food and Disaster, on economic risk appraisal of the impact of cyclones and tsunamis on coastal livelihood.

Motaleb has contributed to a number of national and international publications on biodiversity conservation.

Fahad in action

Zubair Hussni FAHAD

Assistant Wildlife Biologist

Status Survey & Development of Elephant Action Plan


Fahad has more than five years of experience in the field of biodiversity conservation, social development and community based natural resources management in Bangladesh. Prior to joining IUCN, he worked as a Programme Officer at USAID’s Bagh Activity in Bangladesh implemented by WildTeam. He also worked as a Research Officer in Sundarbans Tiger Project under Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh. 

Fahad attended a training course on tiger conservation organized by S. G. B. Amravati University in Maharashtra, India. 

He did his graduation and post graduation degrees in Zoology (Wildlife Biology) from Jahangirnagar University. He published few papers in international publications and journals on tiger conservation. 


Ahsanul Wahed

Md Ahsanul WAHED

Assistant Programme Officer


Md Ahsanul Wahed completed his Masters and Bachelor in Agronomy and Agriculture from Bangladesh Agricultural University. He also attended a number of trainings at home and abroad on climate change and natural resources governance.
He is currently involved with Pilot Programme to Identify Effective Measures to Reduce Human Elephant Conflict as an agronomist. He is also providing support to programme development and other activities such as disaster risk reduction and vulnerability assessments and training courses using participatory rural appraisal tools to assess community need and vulnerability to disaster. 
Prior to joining IUCN, he worked as a researcher in Development of Biotechnology and Environmental Conservation Centre (DEBTEC). 

Azad's image

Mohammad Abul KALAM AZAD

Thematic Coordinator - Livelihood, Capacity Bldg & Market Extn

Community Base Sustainable Management of Tanguar Haor Project


Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad has completed Masters in Crop Science and Bachelor in Agriculture from Bangladesh Agricultural University.

He has eight years of experience in working with national and international organizations. Prior to joining IUCN, he was working with CARE Bangladesh’s SHOUHARDO Programme in the wetlands as the Project Manager.

He has received several trainings on business development, administration etc. His areas of expertise are climate change, disaster risk reduction, conservation, community empowerment, Community Based Natural Resource Management etc.

Md. Shahid Ullah

Md. Shahid Ullah

Thematic Coordinator

Community Based Sustainable Management of Tanguar Haor Project 


Md. Shahid Ullah commenced his profession as a Socio-Economic Research Assistant. His former work experience deals with food security, livelihood, climate change, research etc with both national and international organisations. 

Ullah obtained a Master of Social Science and Bachelor of Social Science degree in Sociology from University of Chittagong. Also, he is trained in monitoring, evaluation and management. 

A.B.M. Sarowar ALAM

A. B. M. Sarowar ALAM

Principal Investigator

White-rumped Vulture Conservation in Bangladesh Project 


A.B.M.Sarowar Alam has a Masters and Bachelor in Zoology from Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. Before joining IUCN, he worked with Wetland Biodiversity Rehabilitation Project (WBRP) as Wildlife Officer. He also worked with CARINAM as wildlife researcher to estimate breeding population of Gharial in Padma & Jamuna  River.

Alam is an editor of 'Banglar Pakhi' (Bangladesh bird Club Newsletter) and executive editor of 'Bangladesh Nature Quest’ – a quarterly magazine published by The Daily Star.

He is a member of Bangladesh Bird Club (Bbc) and Oriental Bird Club (OBC). He has several publications published in home and abroad on wildlife, nature and biodiversity. One of his major publications is Bangladesher Porijayi Pakhi (Migratory Birds of Bangladesh). 

As a wildlife biologist, Alam worked for Community based Sustainable Management of Tanguar Haor and Updating Species Red List of Bangladesh at IUCN. Currently he is managing four projects namely - White-rumped Vulture Conservation in Bangladesh, Impact Monitoring Survey on Wetland Biodiversity, Batagur Baska Conservation and Wild Bird Monitoring Programme.  



Rasel Ahammed

Rasel Ahammed

Assistant Wildlife Biologist

White-rumped Vulture conservation in Bangladesh Project
Rasel Ahammed obtained Bachelor and Masters Degree in Zoology with specialization in the branch of Wildlife Ecology, Management and Conservation from Jahangirnagar University. He is currently enrolled for Master of Philosophy at the same university.
Before joining IUCN, Ahammed was working as a Lecturer in Biology at Banophool Adibashi Green Heart College in Dhaka. He also worked as a Field Research Assistant with Wildlife Trust Bangladesh in Sundarbans. 
His areas of interest include research on wildlife ecology, management, conservation and impact of climate change on wildlife.


Refata Nasim

Refata NASIM

Monitoring and Advocacy Assistant

White-rumped Vulture Conservation in Bangladesh Project 


Refata has two years experience in gender, education, migration, health, community based development, disaster risk reduction and poverty reduction. She worked with different national and international organizations namely International Organization for Migration (IOM), icddr,b, Swisscontact and Friendship Bangladesh at different capacities. 

Refata did her masters and bachelor degrees in geography and environment from Jahangirnagar University. Prior to joining IUCN, she was working with Friendship Bangladesh as programme support officer under the disaster management and education department. 


Khadija Rawshan


Project Assistant

White-rumped Vulture Conservation in Bangladesh Project 

Khadija has had more than two years of research experience in human-wildlife conflict on perspective of Bangladesh. She holds Masters and bachelor degrees in Wildlife Ecology, Management and Conservation Biology from Jahangirnagar University. Currently she is pursuing her M.Phil research at the same university. 
Before joining IUCN, Rawshan was involved in a collaborative programme of University of Washington and Jahangirnagar University entitled ‘Evolution and Emergence of Simian Retroviruses in Bangladesh’ as Field Research Assistant. She was trained in different field courses on conservation of biology & global health and has extensive field experiences in different national parks, wildlife sanctuaries in Bangladesh. She published a number of papers in renowned national and international publications. 
Rawshan is a member of Zoological Society of Bangladesh. 

Zenifar H


Project Assistant

Investigation of Wild to Domestic Bird Avian Influenza Transmission: Multi-year Monitoring and Surveillance Programme
Kazi Zenifar Azmiri has a Masters and Bachelor in Zoology from Jahangirnagar University. Before joining IUCN, she worked at Stamford College as a lecturer of Biology. She worked in an internship programme at Bangladesh Cetacean Diversity Project (BCDP) under WCS Bangladesh. 
Zenifar is an assessor (Bird group) of Updating Species Red list project of IUCN. Over the years she received several trainings on conservation of biology & global health, otters conservation, IUCN Red List Assessment. 

She is a member of Bangladesh Bird Club (Bbc). Zenifar has been an active bird ringer since 2013.  

Rahmat Ullah

Mohammad Rahmat ULLAH

Assistant Project Officer (Ecosystem Improvement and Livelihood)

Community Based Sustainable Management of Tanguar Haor Project 


Mohammad Rahmat Ullah has field-based research and work experience on forest management, climate change, co-management system and forest fire in home and abroad. 

Prior to joining IUCN, Ullah worked as a ‘Research Fellow’ of the 'Ministry of Science, Information & Communication Technology' in Bangladesh and a Research Assistant for 'National Key Forest Fire Project' in China. He also has a teaching experience – at Forestry Science and Technology Institute, he taught forestry courses.

Ullah completed his post-graduation (2010-2012) in Forest Management from the Beijing Forestry University, China. Also, he completed his post-graduation (2009-2010) and graduation in Forestry from the University of Chittagong. He has published his research works in peer-reviewed int’l journals, book chapter and conference proceedings. 

His main research interests have focused on working collaboratively with a range of stakeholders to ensure improved natural resource management through knowledge generation and adaptive management. 


Md. Mehedi Hasan

Md. Mehedi Hasan

Assistant Project Officer

Community Based Sustainable Management of Tanguar Haor Project


Md. Mehedi Hassan has a former work experience at CLP (fish and enterprise development), WorldFish (FRSP) and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation (Samriddhi Project). Also, he worked in the field of biodiversity monitoring, social development, and community based resources management.


Hasan completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology and a Master of Science in Fisheries from Bangladesh National University.

Wasim Newaz

Mr. Wasim NEWAZ

Project Associate

Community Based Sustainble Management of Tanguar Haor Project


Wasim Newaz is currently studying Masters in Resource and Environmental Management in North South University. He also holds Bachelor and Masters in International Relations from the University of Dhaka.

Prior to joining IUCN, Wasim worked as a field investigator in the research ‘Women’s participation in election’ funded by the Royal Embassy of Netherland in the parliamentary and upazila election 2008-09. He has also experience working as an assistant researcher in few research projects namely ‘Conflict resolution and peace process: The case of Chittagong Hill Tracks’ with South Asia Forum for Human Rights; ‘Nodi O Jibon’ (Living with the River), designed by Concern Worldwide Bangladesh and ‘Higher Education Quality Enhancement (HEQEP) project’ funded by UGC on behalf of the Government and the World Bank.

His areas of interest include environmental security and governance, climate change policy and negotiations.

Enamul Mazid Khan Siddique


Assistant Project Manager, Bangladesh

Mangroves for the Future (MFF) Bangladesh


Enamul Mazid Khan Siddique is a Master of Social Science in Sociology from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

As part of his role in MFF, he analyses state of socio-ecological resilience in the target areas in Bangladesh coastal zone. Also, he manages the MFF small grants facility, manages Bangladesh page in the MFF website, and supports the MFF National coordinator in research and advocacy coordination for ecosystem based adaptation and understanding the full value of mangroves.

Before joining IUCN, he used to work with the Daily Ittefaq, a national daily.
His areas of interest include socio-ecological thinking & community resilience, and capturing stories of change through knowledge management and communications.”

Selina Sultana

Selina Sultana

Programme Assistant (Fish & Crustacea)

Updating Species Red List of Bangladesh Project


Selina Sultana earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology and Masters degree in Zoology (Wildlife) from Chittagong University. Sultana received “Salma Sobhan Fellowship” award for Women in Journalism, 2007. 

Prior to joining IUCN she worked for an Alliance NGO’s- DemocracyWatch, Prip Trust, Khan Foundation & Steps Towards Development in its APARAJITA: Politically Empowerment Project.



Project Assistant (Amphibians, Reptiles & Mammals)

Updating Species Red List of Bangladesh Project 


Tanvir Ahmed Shovon has about four years of experience in the field of biodiversity conservation and collaborative protected area management of Bangladesh. Before joining IUCN, he worked as a Project Manager at RDRS Bangladesh for protected area restoration project funded by Arannayk Foundation.  

He completed his graduation and post graduation from Khulna University. He was also awarded Erasmus Mundus Category ‘A’ scholarship to study MSc in European Forestry, where he was trained as an Ecologist

Shovon has also worked as a co-investigator and research assistant during his study at Khulna University.


Sanjoy ROY

Project Assistant (GIS)

Updating Species Red List of Bangladesh Project 

Sanjoy Roy has about three years of experience in the field of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS). Before joining IUCN, he worked as a GIS specialist at Data Expert Pvt. Ltd in ‘Khulna Development Authority (KDA) Master Plan Project’. He also worked as GIS expert in Multi-hazard vulnerability assessment of Narayanganj Pourashava under UNDP Project. 
He completed his BSc and MSc in Geography & Environment from University of Dhaka. 


Md. Ahsanul ISLAM

Project Assistant (Database Management)

Updating Species Red List of Bangladesh Project 

Ahsanul has more than two years of experience in the field of survey and research. He worked with researchers of Chittagong University and did scientific survey on macro benthos, phytoplankton, zooplankton and fisheries at Matarbari and Moheshkhali islands in Bangladesh. He also worked on a project titled ‘Salt Marsh Restoration as a Community Adaptation to Climate Change Impact Mitigation in the Coastal Area of Bangladesh’ run by University Grants Commission (UGC). 
Prior to joining IUCN he was working with Apex Seafood Ltd. as Executive Officer. Ahsanul holds bachelor and masters degrees in Marine Science from the University of Chittagong with specialization in the branch of Oceanography. 


Md. Sadique Uddin MOLLA

Project Assistant (Communication)

Updating Species Red List of Bangladesh Project 

Sadique has more than seven years of experience in the field of media, communications and public relations. He holds a bachelors degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Stamford University and post-graduation degree in Development Studies from North-South University. 
He started his career as a freelance journalist with a weekly magazine ‘Mirudubhashon’. After that, he worked as a feature reporter with various national dailies and magazines including the Daily Samakal, the Daily JaiJaidin, Canvas Magazine, bdnews24.com and the Daily Amader Somoy. 
Prior to joining IUCN, Sadique worked as a Senior Assistant Coordinator, Communication and Media with Eminence Associates for Social Development. He also worked at Wild Team and Interspeed Advertising. 


Mohammed NOMAN

Project Assistant (Database Management)

Updating Species Red List of Bangladesh Project 

Mohammed Noman earned his M.Sc. degree in Zoology (Fisheries) and B.Sc. Degree in Zoology from National University of Bangladesh. He also got a Diploma degree in Computer Science & Engineering from National Youth Development Training Centre (NYDTC). 
Noman has more than three years of experience in the field of social development. Before joining IUCN, he worked as Programme Officer at Uddyom-Bangladesh. He is trained on Information & Communication Technology (ICT) by National University. 
He has great interest in environment, climate change and nature conservation. 

Md. Fazlay Arafat

Md. Fazlay Arafat

Programme Assistant (Community Organizer)

Pilot programme to identify effective measures to reduce HEC


Md. Fazlay Arafat achieved a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in Forestry from Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, Chittagong University.

He previously worked with IFESCU, via which conducted research on monitoring forest cover changes through remote sensing and GIS, simultaneously, measuring the impact of Tobacco cultivation on soils of Chittagong Hill Tracts areas. 


Muhammad Mizanur RAHMAN

Muhammad Mizanur RAHMAN

Field Assistant

Mangrove for the Future

Prior to joining IUCN, Mizanur Rahman worked as a Research Associate with "Climate Change Impact on Fisheries Biodiversity in Relation to Environmental Conditions of the Meghna Estuary Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Technology” project. It was a GoB funded project under the Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology.

Muhammad Mizanur Rahman has MS and Bachelor degrees in Marine Science from the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. His areas of interests are Marine and Coastal Environment, Coastal Zone Management, Climate change, Mangrove and Coastal Ecosystem, Aquaculture and Aquatic biodiversity. He has published several scientific papers in international journals.

Md. Emran HASAN

Md. Emran HASAN

GIS Associate

Ecosystems for Life: A Bangladesh India Initiative


Md Emran Hasan has a Masters and Bachelor in Geography & Environment, from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
He has worked as a teaching assistant at the geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing lab, at the Department of Geography and Environment, University of Dhaka, where he assisted faculties during geo-spatial classes and lectures for students and professionals.

Prior to IUCN, Emran worked as a GIS Analyst at Geographic Solution Research Center (GSRC).

Abdul Alim

Md. Abdul ALIM

Field Assistant

Community Based Sustainable Management of Tanguar Haor Project

Md Abdul Alim obtained Masters and Bachelor in Philosophy from the National University of Bangladesh.
Alim is currently involved in the monitoring and evaluation activities of the Tanguar Haor project. His responsibilities include promoting income generating activities (IGAs), coordinating local capacity building, updating data and contributing to reports.
Prior to IUCN, he worked with British American Tobacco Bangladesh Ltd. (BATB), JK group Ltd. and Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad (BUP).

Communications and IT


Sheikh Asaduzzaman


Library & Publication Officer


Sheikh Asaduzzaman did his Masters in Islamic History from the Jagannath University, Bangladesh and Post-graduate Diploma in Library and Information Sciences from the National Library and Information Association, Bangladesh.

He has also completed a certificate course in Environmental Education at the Centre for Environment Education (CEE), India and a diploma course on Desktop Publications from Daffodil University, Bangladesh.

Currently he is involved in maintaining the office library, designing the publications and printing materials of IUCN Bangladesh.

Aktar Hossain


Finance Officer


Md Aktar Hossain holds an MBA in finance from the University of Information Technology and Sciences (UITS), Bangladesh and a Masters in Management from the National University of Bangladesh. He has also completed a Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) intermediate course from the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB).

Prior to IUCN he worked at Royal Park Ltd. and Wega Fashion Sweater (Pvt.) Ltd.

Aktar attended several training courses on Value Added Tax (VAT) from Customs, Excise and VAT Commissionerate, Dhaka; and Human Resource Management for Executives from Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM).

Finance and Accounts


Anwar Hossain


Manager Finance


Md Anwar Hossain holds a Masters degree in accounting, and an MBA in Global Banking and Finance. Additionally he has a postgraduate diploma in personnel management from Bangladesh Institute of Management and completed Chartered Accountancy course.

Anwar has more than 14 years of experience in the area of finance and administrative management in the development sector of Bangladesh.

Prior to IUCN, he has worked as a deputy financial controller with The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. He also worked with the Sight savers International, Save the Children UK, Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service and BRAC.

Tulshi Das Roy

Tulshi DAS ROY

Senior Finance Officer


Tulshi Das Roy received Masters Degree in Economics and Bachelor Degree in Accounting from the National University, Bangladesh, and a professional degree of Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) from the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB).

Tulshi is currently involved in cost and management audit, review and compilation of financial statements as well as the reporting of corporate finance, taxation, general business accounting and business planning for sustainable operations.

He has extensive experience in preparing donor reports on cash-flow projection, annual budget, and project budget monthly Payroll, cost recovery and fund monitoring, reviewing bank accounts reconciliation, current accounts and fund reconciliation, SUN and Vision XL administration

Tariqul Alam

Tariqul Alam

Accounts Assistant

Pilot program to identify effective measures to reduce the HEC



Tariqul Alam earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and Masters degree in Finance from University of Chittagong. 

Prior to joining IUCN, he worked with SS Global Business Ltd. as an Accountant.

Abul Kalam Azad

Abul Kalam AZAD

Finance & Admin Officer

Community Based Sustainable Management of Tanguar Haor Project


Abul Kalam Azad has a Masters in Commerce concentrating in Management from the National University of Bangladesh and a Bachelor in Commerce from the Government Tularam College, Dhaka.

Azad is currently maintaining the accounts and administration records of the community based sustainable management of Tanguar Haor project in the Sunamgonj district.

Prior to IUCN, Azad worked with Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA) and with Unnayan Shahayak Sangstha (USS), a local organization that works with community development, under the SHOWHARDO program of CARE Bangladesh.

Human Resource and Administration


Dominica Rozario

Dominica ROZARIO

Office Manager


Dominica Rozario has a Bachelor degree from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and has completed management development training from the Bangladesh Institute of Management.

Dominica has extensive experience working with IUCN Bangladesh in the area of operations and contributed to the smooth implementation of administrative systems and processes.

Mohammad Omar Faruque

Mohammad Omar FARUQUE

Office Assistant

Ecosystems for Life

E-mail: omar.faruque@iucn.org
Mohammad Omar Faruque, received Bachelor and Masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Dhaka.
He has experience in logistics and finance. 

Shamim Ara Khondaker


Administrative Assistant


Shamim Ara Khondaker has a Masters and Bachelor in Islamic Studies from National University, Bangladesh, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from Bangladesh Institute of Management.

Shamima is currently attached with Ecosystems for Life project as an administrative assistant and act as the focal person for Membership and Constitution. Being the focal person, she handles all issues related to promoting IUCN Membership and keep liaison between the Members and IUCN Country Office.

She has attended Membership Workshop as a membership focal point at Gland, IUCN HQ, Switzerland and has made significant contributions to the participation of Bangladesh Delegations in the World Conservation Congress (WCC) 2008.

Young professionals and Interns


Previous Country Representative’s


Niaz Ahmed KHAN, PhD
Country Representative
Tenure:16 August 2009 - 31 December 2011
Currently Professor of Development Studies, University of Dhaka

Dr. Ainun Nishat
Country Representative
Tenure: May 1998 to August 15 2009
Currently Vice Chancellor of BRAC University, Bangladesh  

Mr. M. Anwarul Islam
Tenure: January 1995 to April 1998

Mr. A. M. Choudhury
Country Representative
Tenure: January 1992 to December 1994

Ms. Nazneen Mansur Azim
Programme Coordinator
Tenure: September 1989 to December 1991

Akanda (Calotropis gigantea) is a traditional medicinal plant.