Objective(s): Conservation, restoration and sustainable management of coastal ecosystems as key natural infrastructure which supports human well-being and security.

As part of the overall Mangroves For the Future Phase 2 Agreement (2010-2013), Sida has provided separate funding for the Asia Regional Office (ARO) to enable dedicated outreach and support in sharing the experiences of MFF with additional countries that have expressed a strong desire to become full members of MFF in future phases of the programme. Additionally, the outreach will facilitate implementation of trans boundary initiatives with existing MFF member countries to promote investments in shared coastal ecosystems, Cambodia is became outreach country.

Duration: April 2010 - 31 December 2011
Donor(s): SIDA Framework funding - RCP/ARO

Contact person(s):

Mr. Kimsreng KONG - Senior Programme Officer
Mrs. Maeve NIGHTINGALE - Coordinator Regional Coastal & Marine Programme (IUCN ARO)
Mr.Vanny LOU - Programme Officer

Partner(s): MoE & costal provinces
Project site(s): Coastal provinces