Livelihoods and Landscapes

Miyun County, Beijing China

The Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy (LLS) is a global initiative that examines the rights and access of the rural poor to forest products in the context of the entire landscape in which people and forests interact.

By using Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) measures, LLS will demonstrate approaches that would optimize the biodiversity and productivity of forest landscapes, and deliver livelihood benefits to the rural poor in China. LLS in China will also seek to improve the broader context of forest governance. In addition to attempting to influence China’s domestic logging ban, LLS will encourage the Chinese government to join the Global Partnership on FLR, and to incorporate FLR approaches to national reforestation policies and programmes. The project will engage with the Chinese government on the management of Chinese companies carrying out logging and forestry activities in Russia and Africa.


For more information on LLS in China, please contact:

     Li Jia, Forest Programme Offier

Nokia: connecting people with water

Nokia and IUCN China have joined forces to improve local knowledge of watershed management in Miyun County - an area that Beijing relies on for its water supply.

Working with the Sino-German Financial Cooperation Project for Watershed Management on Forest Land as part of IUCN’s Landscapes and Livelihoods Initiative, China’s State Forestry Administration, the Beijing Forestry Society and the Beijing Parks and Forestry Department are undertaking activities to improve rural livelihoods, promote sustainable forest management, protect critical watersheds and generate appropriate changes in policy.

These activities are expected to improve watershed function for the benefit of local people. But if expectations are to be met, there needs to be a significant scaling up of work from selected pilot sites.

With more than one billion users, Nokia is a market leader in mobile devices and also wants to be a leader in environmental performance. Its vision is a world where everyone can contribute to sustainable development. The company has a substantial workforce based in the Beijing area and has joined in local efforts that benefit both biodiversity and people. Through an extensive communications campaign in Miyun County, it is making sure that local residents and relevant organizations have convincing evidence and sufficient knowledge of watershed management. The Miyun programme will act as a model for improving 5,000 other similar watersheds in China.


China: How one village can help transform a landscape
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