Agriculture in Nepal
Phewa Lake of Pokhara

Lake Cluster of Pokhara Valley: a new Ramsar Site of Nepal

World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on 2nd February. This day marks the date of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands on 2nd February, 1971, in the Iranian city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea. This year Nepal celebrated this day by declaring Lake Cluster of Pokhara Valley as the tenth Ramsar site of Nepal. …  

02 Feb 2016 | Article

Launching of Nature Conservation National Strategic Framework for Sustainable Development

Nature Conservation National Strategic Framework for Sustainable Development Launched

National Planning Commission has launched “Nature Conservation National Strategic Framework for Sustainable Development (2015-2030)”, which contributes the integration of conservation and development efforts. The framework is prepared with technical support from IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature. …  

18 Dec 2015 | Article

Vultures in the Nepal Himalayas

South Asia Vulture Recovery Programme: saving vultures from extinction

Vultures are among the most highly threatened bird species on the planet, having experienced catastrophic population declines since the 1990s. Various efforts are being done to save these birds. IUCN is working across national borders to ensure vulture survival through the South Asia Vulture Recovery Programme. …  

30 Nov 2015 | Article

Participants at COMACON 2015

Managing natural resources better together: conference in Bangkok explores the status of co-management in Bangladesh and the region

In many areas around the world, co-management is recognised as a successful approach to natural resources management. Co-management is a fairly new concept. In the past, many societies had closed systems for the management of natural resources, where one or maybe a few parties, for example, managed the resources (for example, a forest) and decided on its uses and the distribution of its benefits. …  

12 Nov 2015 | Article

Nepal’s Forest and Farm Producer Groups Learning Exchange Visit to Vietnam

Nepal’s Forest and Farm Producer Groups Learning Exchange Visit to Vietnam

In order to support Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) programme implementation and to enhance knowledge on systems, technology and management of the forest and farm producer organizations, learning exchange visit of FFF Nepal team was organized to Vietnam from 27 September to 03 October 2015. Participants in the learning exchange visit comprised of 18 people, representing government, producer organizations and community level producer groups.  

05 Oct 2015 | Article

Ms Aban Marker Kabraji, IUCN Asia Regional Director, speaks during the closing session of the 6th Asia Regional Conservation Forum

Building resilience must be a priority in Asia

IUCN urges governments, private sector and NGOs to work together to build solutions for people and nature. …  

12 Aug 2015 | Article

Ambassador Masahiko Horie, IUCN Regional Councillor

Examples of nature-based solutions being applied across Asia

Ambassador Masahiko Horie, IUCN Regional Councillor, introduced the IUCN “Deploying Nature-based Solutions to Address Societal Challenges” session by providing an overview of the impact of natural disasters in Asia.   …  

12 Aug 2015 | Article

6th IUCN Asia Regional Conservation Forum

IUCN Asia Regional Conservation Forum opens with strong commitments to build solutions

IUCN Asia Regional Conservation Forum starts today with strong multi-sectoral commitment to build solutions to Asia’s most urgent environment challenges. …  

10 Aug 2015 | Article

Amrika Tharuni, Chairperson of the group, making the babiyo rope

‘Babiyo’ changes the face of Bandevi Village

The majority of inhabitants in Rupaliya -4, Bandevi village of Nawalparasi district are landless. About 99 percent of the residents in the village are illiterate and adult literacy classes are being organised. Most of the inhabitants are very poor as well as unemployed. They used to spend their time seeking the support from local government to make their livelihood easier. …  

02 Aug 2015 | Article

Chitwan National Park

UNESCO’s Fact Finding Mission to the Chitwan National Park and the World Natural Heritage Site

The Government of Nepal has been planning for several infrastructure development projects in the lowland Terai of Nepal. Among several projects, the East-West Electric Railway and Postal Road projects are reported to have been designed to pass through the Chitwan National Park (CNP), which is – due to its outstanding universal value – also a World Natural Heritage (WNH) Site. …  

01 Aug 2015 | Article