All members of IUCN in Pakistan are eligible for membership of the PNC-IUCN, and have equal status and voting rights. The General Body elects an Executive Committee, with seven members, including a Chair, Vice Chair, Regional Councillor (where present), four elected and co-opted member/s to bring about gender, regional and institutional balance. The Executive Committee is required to complete a 2 year term, and the same members could be re-elected by vote to fulfill a 2 year term, if so desired by the PNC membership. The Executive Committee is headed by a Chairperson, and over the years, the Chairs of the PNC have been:

Ms. Khawar Mumtaz, Shirkatgah Women’s Resource Centre, 1996-2001
Mr. Ali Akbar, Strengthening Participatory Organization, 2001-2003
Mr. Javed Jabbar, Baanhn Beli, 2003-2007
Mr. Shahid Sayeed Khan, Indus Earth, 2007-2009
Mr. Mohammad Tahseen, South Asia Partnership–Pakistan 2010-2011
Mr. Shahid Sayeed Khan, Indus Earth, 2012-2013

Current Chairperson:
Mr. Javed Jabbar, Baanhn Beli

Vice Chairperson:
Position Vacant

Regional Councillor
• Mr. Malik Amin Aslam

Executive Committee Members:

1. Mr. Roland deSouza, Shehri-Citizens for a Better Environment
2. Mr. Roomi S. Hayat, Institute of Rural Management
3. Ms. Meher Marker Noshirwani, Trust for Conservation of Coastal Resources
4. Mr. Suhail Awan, Human Resource Development Network