The Pakistan Environment Programme (PEP), initiated in July 1994, has supported the twin purposes of (a) capacity building of the partner organisations themselves as the key institutions for sustaining the environment agenda in Pakistan, and (b) capacity building for the environment in the country at large, through activities of the PEP partners.

A number of internal and external projects evaluations carried out by CIDA and PEP partners show that the programme has significantly progressed in achieving its objectives. However, capacity building for the environment in Pakistan is an unfinished agenda. The PEP partners believe that there is a need and value for extending PEP beyond its mandated lifetime with a wider donor base, for them to operationalise their capacities to integrate the environment and development agenda in Pakistan. Their increased outreach at the national, sub-national and local levels would have far reaching impact on the environment sector of Pakistan.

The goal of PEP is to “improve Pakistan’s capacity to achieve environmentally sustainable forms of economic and social development.”

This is consistent with the country’s aspirations for a rich natural resource base that will both fuel more equitable and sustainable economic development for the benefit of its people and make a positive contribution to a healthy global environment.

The Program was implemented for seven and a half years, with an extension of three years commencing from December 2002. The overall goal for PEP Extension remains the same.

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