Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation into the Juniper Forest Ecosystem Production Landscape

Results (Goal, objectives, outcomes and outputs)

Make production activities in the Juniper forest ecosystem biodiversity friendly.

Reduce the negative impacts of production activities in the livestock grazing and energy production sub-sectors.

Explore opportunities for biodiversity benefits from sustainable tourism, controlled hunting and watershed and ecosystem services.
To address the natural resource related issues by undertaking pilot initiatives in select communities to reduce the consumption of fuel-wood, timber and forage to a sustainable level; reducing risks to healthy Juniper trees from the dwarf mistletoe, fungi, Juniper berry, wasp and forest fires; and controlling or regulating land use to prevent cutting of Juniper trees for conversion of land to cultivation, housing and other uses.

To improve the condition of the Juniper forest ecosystem, in order to conserve biodiversity and increase the ecosystem`s contribution to sustainable development.

1. Conservation values and local communities stake in Juniper ecosystem management promoted through awareness raising, information collection and dissemination, and institutional development support to stakeholders in select communities of the project area.

2. An enabling environment for Juniper conservation, with strengthened human and institutional capacity of stakeholders, and policy and legal framework to support conservation efforts facilitated.

3. Reduced pressure on juniper forest natural resources use through technological substitution and social acceptance of resource use alternatives along with scientific interventions to help arrest resource depletion.

4. Broadened local economy base for poverty alleviation through promotion of alternative livelihoods, enterprise development and better marketing practices.

5. A system of collaborative forest management for conservation and sustainable management of juniper ecosystem developed and implemented on pilot basis.

6. A monitoring and evaluation system for measuring project`s socio-economic, ecological, and technical impacts. Along with project`s progress and process monitoring in place and operating.


Geographic coverage
Ziarat, Quetta

Five years (April 01, 2007 - March 31, 2012)

Budget & Donor

USD 1,760,000


UNDP-PAK - United Nations Development Programme – Pakistan
GEF - Global Environment Facility Secretariat

Project Manager, Junipers
Juniper Forest Ecosystem
IUCN Pakistan