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Reference Library

Open to the public for reference only. The library is located at the IUCN Sri Lanka office, the library provides general reference and current awareness services to its users. It has over 4000 books and reports. It also receives approximately 60 periodicals including BBC Wildlife, National Geographic, Plant Talk, World Conservation, CITES World, TRAFFIC Bulletin, Zeylanica and Loris on a regular basis. Users have access to the library by personal visit, via website, telephone, E-mail and Fax.
Library hours: 09.00 a. m.  - 4.00 p. m. hours on Wednesdays

IUCNSL Library Offers several on - line resources and services, these include:

Access to the IUCNSL Library Database
Allows you to view the books, periodicals, pamphlets and CDs available at the reference library.

Links to on line databases and Journals
Provides access to important links to environmental databases, Journals and newsletters on the Internet.

IUCN Sri Lanka Publications
Allows you to view recent IUCN Sri Lanka publications and access electronic versions of publications wherever available.


For more information, contact:
The Librarian
IUCN - The World Conservation Union
Sri Lanka Country office
53, Horton Place,
Colombo 7
Sri Lanka
Tel: ++(94 11) 2694094, 2682418
Fax: 2682470

IUCN Sri Lanka