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October - December 2009

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Top News Story

The participants visited the Nam Dinh Forest Products Joint Stock Company, which produces garden furniture for IKEA, the world's largest furniture retailer.

Workshop Identifies Issues and Opportunities as Vietnam Seeks to Meet Growing International Demand for Legal Wood Products

On October 8-9, 2009, 30 officials from the international cooperation, wood processing, forest protection, and management and planning departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), the customs department of the Ministry of Finance, and the Environmental Police of the Ministry of Public Security, together with representatives from the US Embassy, companies, business associations and NGOs, met in Nam Dinh to discuss the challenges Vietnam’s wooden furniture exporters face in complying with new laws seeking to keep wood products made from illegal timber out of major international markets.  


22 Oct 2009 | News story
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What else is new... Updates from IUCN Viet Nam



One of the eighteen presentations at the workshop on October 31, 2009.

Living Rivers Workshop seeks to keep rivers alive

In collaboration with the Center of Biodiversity and Development (CBD) of the Institute of Tropical Biology (ITB) and Vietnam Rivers Network (VRN), IUCN co-funded a workshop called Living Rivers.

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17 Nov 2009 | News story
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Members from IUCN Vietnam visited the acid soil experiment at  the research center of Can Tho University’s Professor Duong Van Ni.

Wetlands Workshop Identifies The Need For Improved Environmental Guidance

On September 22-23, 2009, 30 scientists and wetlands managers met at Can Tho University in the heart of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. They discussed the state of the wetlands in the delta and proposed policies that would help sustain the vital ecological services provided by wetlands and mitigate the effects of climate change on the region. The participants came from the delta’s leading universities and research centers, government agencies, NGOs, and management boards of wetland protected areas.

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07 Oct 2009 | News story
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The IUCN Vietnam shared information on FLEGT with NGOs in Hanoi.

Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Analysis Identifies Ways to Improve Understanding and Increase Legality

If a tree is cut down illegally, but no one knows the law, did it make a sound? Riddle aside, the IUCN Vietnam is attempting to address that exact problem. In 2008, The European Union created a FLEGT action plan as a way to cut down on illegal logging. However, in Vietnam, there is a lack of understanding and awareness of the FLEGT action plan. The IUCN Vietnam has been working hard to raise awareness and increase the legality of FLEGT. …  

29 Sep 2009 | News story
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Staff News

The IUCN Viet Nam staff has made green resolutions for the New Year. At the IUCN, staff members believe is important to promote conservation in their personal lives in addition to the work that they do.

Many staff members resolved to never use plastic bags. As Mrs. Ly Thi Minh Hai says, “When I go to the market, I will always take my own bag and not use the ones that the sellers give me.” Hai also plans to give a message to the sellers who hand out plastic bags because “in one day, one family can bring home ten plastic bags” and that is very detrimental to the environment.

Other staff members agreed to save energy by turning off lights and unplugging appliances before leaving the house. Ms Nguyen Thuy Anh notes that turning off everything saves energy and money. She is also always reuses the plastic bottle that she uses to carry her green tea.

Finally, program coordinator Jake Brunner resolved to make the office more efficient by minimizing printing and using less air-conditioning.


What we are up to..... our upcoming events

Integrating Business Skills Into Ecotourism Operations

• 17-21 January in Cambodia

Objective: This training will bring together conservation organisations and tourism professionals to share knowledge and experiences.


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