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Dr. Vo Quoc Tuan training local forest protector to use GPS

Bringing new technologies to forest protectors

Half of all Vietnam’s mangroves are in Ca Mau, its southernmost province. Over 60,000 hectares of Ca Mau’s mangroves are managed by seven forest management units and one national park, which don’t have the man power or funding to do the job properly. The mangrove forests are difficult to access and to protect and there are cases of government officials being attacked by illegal mangrove cutters. …  

26 Jul 2013 | News story
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Lam Binh Community sends strong message to poachers

Once bitten, twice shy. Or perhaps, in this case the phrase should be ‘once stung, twice shy’. That is the lesson SOS grantee, People Resources and Conservation Foundation, hopes poachers will take from a recent successful ‘sting’ operation carried out in Lam Binh, a remote mountainous karst region in northern Vietnam.

08 Feb 2013 | News story

Wildlife census, Kaziranga NP, India

Protected area management: Vietnam vs India

In 2011, an independent evaluation of 10 years of international support to Cat Tien National Park documented the failure to convert high levels of technical and financial support into effective protected area management. This failure was starkly revealed by the killing of the last Javan rhino in Cat Tien, and the extinction of the sub-species, in April 2010. If millions of dollars can’t “buy” improved protected area management in Vietnam, a country with 10% of the world’s vertebrate fauna on 1% of its land area, what can? This is an important question because a similar outcome has been observed in neighboring Laos and Cambodia where significant foreign support has not resulted in reduced threats to globally threatened wildlife.   …   | Vietnamese

18 Sep 2012 | Article
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  • REDD In Vietnam: Issues, Opportunities, and Linkages
  • GIS database for Bac Kan and Tuyen Quang developed: Policy issues and options were identified and initiate dialogue between local government and relevant stakeholders on alternative development scenarios in focal provinces organized
  • Provincial Learning Network on sustainable forest management established and strengthened
  • Studies on forest products trade and community forest management conducted
  • "Soft" advocacy carried out by Learning Network with provincial and national stakeholders
  • Awareness and capacity of communities, local government agencies and other actors for identifying and tackling barriers to fair market access improved
  • Awareness and understanding of local authorities, businesses and civil society in Vietnam and relevant external FLEG stakeholders of the underlying causes of illegal forest activities, and possible measures for tackling these causes, improved through networking, training, information provision and advocacy.





Private sector Training workshop on Forest Protection and Development Law for People’s Courts in Lam Dong Province- February
Consultative workshop on Volunteer Partnership Agreement on FLEGT in Ha Noi– April
Private sector workshop on FLEGT in Ho Chi Minh City -- October
Landscapes and Livelihoods Strategy (LLS) research trainings in Bac Kan and Hue -- December

International NTFPs Workshop in Ha Noi – June
National NTFPs Network Planning Workshop - June
National Forest Fire Workshop – September
Training needs assessment on Forest Protection and Development Law for People’s Courts  - November


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