The long-term goal of the project is to conserve and restore coastal ecosystems as key assets which support human well-being and security in the Indian Ocean Region. Its immediate purpose is that degraded and threatened coastal ecosystems in tsunami-affected countries of the Indian Ocean are rehabilitated and conserved using ecologically and socio-economically sound methods. Four objectives contribute towards this purpose and goal, and will be achieved through delivering a series of concrete outputs and activities as described below:

1. Priority coastal ecosystems that require rehabilitation and conservation are identified, based on ecological and socio-economic importance, suitability and needs;

2. Coastal ecosystem rehabilitation and conservation measures are undertaken in pilot sites, using ecologically and socio-economically sound approaches;

3. The long-term sustainability of coastal ecosystem rehabilitation in pilot sites is strengthened through local benefit-sharing and financing mechanisms; and

4. The project is managed and operating successfully.

Components and activities