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Ecosystem/species conservation and restoration Documents and presentations

Biodiversity in Puttalam lagoon with special reference to poverty alleviation in coastal villages of Wanathagilluwa, Sri Lanka (ADB RETA 5974)

Compendium report of high priority areas, Sri Lanka (ADB RETA 5974)

Ecological and socio-economic assessments of selected sites of the Puttalam lagoon area

Pre-feasibility study, Sri Lanka (ADB RETA 5974)

Situation analysis report, Sri Lanka (ADB RETA 5974)


Distribution of mangroves around the Puttalam lagoon

Distribution of shrimp farm and salt pans in BMZ project area, Sri Lanka

Location map of the BMZ project in Sri Lanka

Mangrove destruction map

Mud flats and sedimentation in the Puttalam lagoon

Study locations of the second Ecological Assessment

GIS Atlas of the Puttalam District (Sinhala)

Strengthening local Livelihoods Documents and presentations

An economic evaluation of mangrove ecosystem and different fishing techniques in the Wanthavilluwa Divisional secretariat in Puttalam district of Sri Lanka (ADB RETA 5974)

A special study on assessment of fisheries related livelihoods and infrastructure in Puttalam lagoon of Sri Lanka (ADB RETA 5974)

A socio economic assessment of the Puttalam lagoon area of Sri Lanka. Regional technical assistance for coastal and marine resources management and poverty reduction in South Asia (ADB RETA 5974)

Poverty and environment nexus study, Sri Lanka (ADB RETA 5974)

A successful home garden shows the path a sustainable livelihood (Sinhala)

Challenges faced by fishing communities (Sinhala)

Choosing animal husbandry as self employment (Sinhala)

Making a success of breeding pigs in self employment (Sinhala)

Rearing goats the correct way (Sinhala)

The importance of health safeguards in the use and distribution of pesticides (Sinhala)


Current land use pattern, Puttalam lagoon, Sri Lanka

Map of fish landing sites, Puttalam lagoon, Sri Lanka

Spatial distribution of BMZ project villages around the Puttalam lagoon, Sri Lanka

Institutional capacity development and partnership building Documents and presentations

Legal, institutional and policy reform report, Sri Lanka (ADB RETA 5974)



Administration boundaries around the Puttalm Lagoon

User Manual GIS mapping

  Case studies

Institutional mapping

Land use lacunae

Documents that relate to the ICZM process Documents and presentations

An overview of the BMZ project in Sri Lanka

Integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) strategy, Sri Lanka (ADB RETA 5974)

Sustainable financing and benefit-sharing strategy for conservation and management of the Puttalam lagoon

The BMZ project in Sri Lanka an overview of findings

  Case studies

From village to lagoon the BMZ project in Puttalam, Sri Lanka

Prawn farms, the Supreme Court and IUCN

Protecting and conserving vs. replanting and rehabilitation 

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