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Welcome to the 2013 end of year edition of “Living in a Changing Climate” Since the previous issue we have been extremely busy. In particular we had a lot of excitement around our Annual “Coastal Forum” held in Soc Trang Province in the Mekong Delta in Viet Nam, with over 200 participants sharing their experience of challenges and solutions from the coastal areas of three countries – Viet Nam, Cambodia and Thailand. The agenda also included field visits to a number of sites around the delta, hosted by both IUCN and by our partner GIZ. I was particularly impressed by a number of things in this Coastal Forum. Firstly all the presentations were very practical in their content, because they were delivered by real practitioners, active in the field. Secondly a number of presentations from Thailand were given directly by farmers and fishers themselves – rather than by some NGO or other organization acting on their behalf. This was very impressive to see – and is testament to the tireless efforts of Khun Ravadee, Jonathan and others at SDF in really empowering the communities they work with. Thirdly the increasing use of visual material – including videos and time-lapse photography made the presentations much more entertaining. Fourthly, the arrangements were superb, and I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Andrew Wyatt and the rest of the team at IUCN Viet Nam who worked so hard to make sure everything was well prepared and ran smoothly, the Provincial Peoples’ Committee for hosting the event, and the always smiling volunteers of Soc Trang who greatly contributed to the overall experience.

I hope you all enjoy reading this issue, and I wish you all a happy New Year holiday.

Dr. Robert Mather
Head, Southeast Asia Group

Dr Robert Mather, Head of IUCN Southeast Asia Group, and Manager of the Building Coastal Resilience project.

Coastal Forum confirms nature-based solution a key for climate change adaptation

More than 200 delegates representing local communities, government agencies, academics, NGOs and media from Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam gathered together at the Second Annual Coastal Forum from 15-18 October in Soc Trang Province, Viet Nam, to share experiences, lessons learned and good practices for climate change adaptation in the coastal zone, highlighting nature-based solutions. > Read 

A participant looks into information on five field trips arranged.

Mekong Delta in the Crossfire of Change

A new documentary film highlights the fragility of the Mekong Delta in the face of triple threats from rapid development, climate change and hydropower development. > Read

Mekong: Viet Nam - the Delta film screening and panel discussion at FCCT

Thai PBS-IUCN awarded the winners of Climate Change Animation

The Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) and IUCN collaborated to raise public awareness on climate change through the Climate Change Animation competition. After months of campaigning and university tours nationwide, 92 teams of university students submitted four-minute animations to the competition. > Read

Dr. Robert Mather, Head of IUCN Southeast Asia Group joined the Climate Change Animation judging panel.

ASEAN Day for Disaster Management Showcase

2013 ‘ASEAN Day for Disaster Management’ showcases projects and responses focused on differently abled and other marginalized groups. On 12th October 2013 in front of the Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC), Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF) came together with a range of Thai and international NGO’s to raise awareness with the general public about the need for disaster management to take into account differently abled and disabled individuals. > Read

SDF’s staff share information and knowledge about ecosystem-based and equitable approaches to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

CREATE VCA framework applied in post-crisis recovery

The Climate Resilience Evaluation for Adaptation Through Empowerment (CREATE) Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA) framework, developed under the BCR project, is receiving increasing interest from the post-crisis economic recovery community. > Read

floods in Uttarakhand State

Klong Takian Village’s Big Clean-up Day

As they continue to learn more about climate change, the children of Mai Root Sub-district of Trat province take action to reduce some of its impacts with a huge garbage collection effort at Kong Takian Village. > Read

Klong Takian Village’s Big Clean-up Day

Seaweed crackers: A new climate resilient income source for Ibu Halijah

Ibu Halija is living in Poreang, a coastal village in North Luwu district in Southern Sulawesi, where fishery and aquaculture serve as the main income source. She and her husband own a "sampan“, a traditional wooden boat without motor. > Read

Seaweed crackers: A new climate resilient income source for Ibu Halijah

How to integrate climate change adaptation into climate change planning?

One of the specific objectives of the EU funded project “Building coastal resilience to strengthen resilience of coastal communities in Indonesia and Thailand” is the integration of climate change adaptation activities into development plans. After an intial “Climate Capacity and Vulnerabilty Assessment”(CVCA) and Village Vision Mapping (VVM), > Read

How to integrate climate change adaptation into climate change planning?

A mangrove monument for local communities

Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary (PKWS) was established by Royal Decree in 1993, covering around 26,000 Hectares in Koh Kong Province of Southwest Cambodia. One part of PKWS, Koh Kapik, is also one of Cambodia’s three existing Ramsar sites. Mainly composed of small alluvial islands, it supports one of the largest and most undisturbed mangrove forests in Southeast Asia. > Read

Praem Krasop Sanctuary, Thailand

Progress in dolphin survey for improved conservation

On 23 October, a training course was arranged in Koh Kong by the Department of Environment (DoE), the Fisheries Administration (FiA) and IUCN Cambodia. It was facilitated by Dr Brian Smith from the Wildlife Conservation Society and Saisunee Chaksuin of IUCN Southeast Asia group. The participants included government staff from the DoE, FiA, the Provincial Hall, IUCN staff, and local community members from Koh Kapik and the Peam Krasop Commune. This course followed the pre-survey conducted in July 2013 to scope the Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary (PKWS) in Cambodia and the neighbouring coastal area for dolphins. > Read

The Deputy Governor of Koh Kong, Mr Say Socheat, (middle in black top and scarf) posted with the dolphin survey team.

Adaptation in practice: An interview with Asnita Riko, CARE Village Facilitator Indonesia

What does adaptation mean to you?
Adaptation to climate change is an adjustment process, observed in communities in response to changing environmental conditions. While working with coastal communities for many years I have noticed that rainy periods have become more intense and tidal waves have become stronger, > Read

Asnita Riko, CARE Village Facilitator Indonesia

Proceeding of the Second Annual Coastal Forum 2013

Proceeding of the Coastal Forum 2013

This report is a summary of the proceedings of the Second Annual Coastal Forum, held during 15-18 October, 2013, in Soc Trang Province, Viet Nam. This forum is pat of the Building Resilience to Climate Change Impacts in Coastal Southeast Asia (BCR) project. > Download

> The Reflection on BCR Coastal Forum by SDF staff (in Thai) > Download

> Documents from the BCR Coastal Forum 2013 > View/Download


Gender and Climate Change: A case study of Chanthaburi and Trat Provinces, Thailand

BCR Fact sheet on Gender and Climate Change: A case study of Chanthaburi and Trat Provinces, Thailand

Gender has been an important issue from the perspective of the above mentioned initiatives, and it is vital for creating structural change. One of the aims of the BCR project has been to highlight gender considerations and strategically integrate them into planning directed at the sustainable development of communities.
> Download


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IUCN Southeast Asia Group goes online

IUCN Southeast Asia Group web page

The IUCN Southeast Asia Group was established in 2011, to support the growth of IUCN’s work in Southeast Asian countries, particularly through multi-country/trans-boundary interventions, and to provide a platform for IUCN interaction with Regional bodies such as ASEAN. It includes countries where IUCN already has a long-term presence and well-developed programmes, such as Lao PDR, Viet Nam, Thailand and Cambodia; countries where IUCN will soon establish new presences such as Indonesia and Myanmar and other countries where IUCN has no secretariat presence but has several member organizations, such as Malaysia and Philippines. > Visit web page





1. Viet Nam Television (VTV2) - (Vietnamese)
Saturday 26 Oct 2013: News on the 2nd Coastal Forum broadcasted on VTV2
A 30-minute - documentary film about Coastal Forum and BCR will be aired on VTV2 on 3 days:
- 5 November 2013 (21.00 p.m)
- 6 November 2013 (13.30 p.m)
- 7 November 2013 (09.30 a.m)

2. Viet Nam Cable Television (VTC) - (Vietnamese)
15 Oct 2013 – News aired on the 2nd Coastal Forum

3. Vietnam Plus (Truyen hinh TTXVN)
Responding to climate change in the coastal provinces of Southeast Asia (Vietnamese)

Responding to climate change in the coastal provinces of Southeast Asia (French)

4. Vietnam News
Island farmers dig deep to bury climate change (English)

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BCR Coastal Forum 2013 news coverage by Viet Nam News

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Conference on Economics of Climate Change in Southeast Asia
27-28 February 2014
Siem Reap, Cambodia

Complete Garbage Management - Study Tour to Phitsanulok Province

24-27 December, 2013
More info please email:
Jonathan Shott, SDF

Towards Climate Change Resilience: Integrating Urban Biodiversity with CCA

18-20 December 2013
Chiang Rai, Thailand


Letter of Solidarity to the Fisher-folk Affected by Typhoon Haiyan


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