More often than not, there are trade-offs involved in investing in natural capital and converting it to other uses. Currently, there is pressure to address immediate needs of economic growth and poverty reduction, with a low priority given to the environment.
The Biodiversity, Economics and Business Programme operates from the regional to the local level. On the larger scale it aims to influence and promote stronger policies and institutions that can integrate biodiversity conservation into regional and national development.

At the local level, the programme builds the capacity of economic and non-economic actors to better understand species and ecosystems and manage them in a way that enhances livelihoods and human well-being.

The economies of most of the countries within the ESARO region comprise a large subsistence and informal sector, with relatively low levels of industrialization and little value-adding. The Regional Business and Biodiversity Programme therefore focuses on:

  • Small and medium enterprises as a tool for conservation and poverty reduction.
  • Influencing large-footprint industries (such as biofuels, hydropower and mining) to adopt and follow good practice for managing biodiversity.

For more information, please contact:

Mine Pabari, Deputy Regional Director.  email: